State Farm vrs Rivian

By: Diane Benjamin

I received a tip a few days ago about layoffs at State Farm. Employees were blindsighted in another department, not claims. It doesn’t matter how long they have been with the company, State Farm is picking who stays and who goes by skillsets.

Retaining jobs in McLean County hasn’t been mentioned much lately. Were any local leaders concerned when State Farm created hubs around the country and transferred some jobs out? Are they worried now that State Farm is eliminating more jobs?

Maybe they should. Below is a list of just a few properties State Farm owns and pays property taxes on. Every property in the Assessors records Rivian owns under their name is included.

Obviously State Farm funds much more of local government than Rivian does. Keep in mind the State Farm list is a small part of all the properties they own. How does Rivian invest billions in the plant and keep assessed values low?

Normal could have supported Rivian better by cancelling their two deposits. Rivian is selling vehicles at a loss. Normal paid the the pre-increase price so Chris Koos could park one in his driveway.

Both State Farm and Rivian are major employers, ignoring State Farm will have consequences. Relying on Rivian is just as dangerous. Neither is a sure bet. The housing shortage just might fix itself. Local governments say let’s all be positive though!

A lot of State Farm employees won’t be.



12 thoughts on “State Farm vrs Rivian

  1. As a submarine captain was quoted as saying “Damm the torpedo’s, full speed ahead” Our government representatives seem to say- “Damm the problems, lets just keep spending, and raising taxes.”

  2. One company needs to move to allowing more employees to work from home and sell their property. One very good reason my employer has a good amount of cash fluidity by not investing in real estate to house employees. Why in the world would an employer even consider hokding real estate only to have to pay more property taxes every year. It will never go down. Total mis-management in my opinion forcing them to outsource and layoff employees.

    The property owners in the Unit 5 district should vote down any tax increase for the school district. Who ever lowered an automakers tax liability should take the responsibility. Why should home owners take a whack? Just remember Unit 5 is getting tax $$$ that they weren’t getting before so why all the yelping now that they need even more $$$.

    BTW did anyone else hear who was on WJBC this morning crowing about why Unit 5 should get the tax increase passed? I presume it was someone from the district. Now get this spewing out the words “you want “strong” schools”. Did they ever look up the definition of “strong”? Here it is when I did a www search – “having or marked by great physical power” What the **** kind of educators do we have in this country? I don’t have any skin in that game but I know darn well I’d vote a big “NO”.

    1. Plus, look at the Millions $$$$$$$ the district has already received from tax payers!!! They’re shaming and guilting homeowner tax payers while all the while they have received hundreds of millions from us.
      They should be yelling at Chris Koos or Rivian or the Superintendent for their decisions.
      Apparently that $80,000,000 in the Unit 5 Savings Account is for a new school building!! Are uou even kidding me?? They don’t need another school building!!!

  3. Has the second taxpayer-purchased Normal “fleet” Rivian pulled into its new home in Pam’s garage yet?

  4. You are fear mongering! After Koos the Underpass is built the businesses and jobs will food back. It only costs taxpayers $40M for Koos to prove he’s right. If he’s wrong, taxpayers will still be out the money but at least he’ll sell more bikes.

  5. Another thought why Koos and Reece don’t care. Unemployed people can’t afford gas or electric vehicles so they will bike more. I bet Patrick Dullard and Bike BloNo are ecstatic over the layoffs.

  6. Knowing what little property I have compared to Rivian and then comparing the taxes that I pay,,,I’m pissed!

  7. And me? I’m just sitting here waiting for Rivian to be exposed as the full on scam that it is and then to see them fold up and move on, leaving a wake of unpaid bills (and unemployed people) behind them, of course old eye bags will probably bail them out…
    I also agree with Old Stanky – and am sick and tired of corporate welfare then add in all of the other perks they seem to get as well as tax breaks. While at the same time the top dogs are being horrifically overpaid (and some of the “little dogs” too for that matter) In short, I just wish the general populace would finally wake up. (If I have to explain that you are DEEPLY asleep)

  8. WOW – – So State Farm is paying 8.50% of the Assessed Valuations; while Rivian pays less than 1%:
    $4,941,477 $58,227,423 8.49%

    $88,944 $13,738,082 0.65%

  9. After the crap the put my self and family through, for anyone who was aware of my situation in 2007, should have walk away then. The same type of firing occurred when I work for cna insurance can not adjust. They came for the old timer in 1995 outsource it to csc. I move to hr it which was bought out by cna unisource. Based on that I knew it was time to leave friend Wayne a hr  consutant told me because of the bank they  need it  people right away in Bloomington,  so i interviewed and made the change. After 2 years the management I had to deal with terrible and treated me like trash. So I grinned and bearded it no raise. But I got training so I could leave. But my coworkers and consultant kept leaving and meant taking over their work load.  country was also letting go of people. State farm had trouble finding it people  to work in texas. So they to provide for other to move to texas But at least in Texas other companies were close bye so people could find other jobThe cna I starting work could have life time employment the encouraged loyalty them. Even when I moved in 2000 it was a much better company.they had money to spend and burn My oldest son move to cinninati and works at 3d printing software company .he live downtown and work in the burbs

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