Want to know why the Electoral Board Disbanded?

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal assembled an Electoral Board, brought in Michael Kasper as their attorney, held a hearing, issued a continuance to allow time for Tom Devore to submit his response, and then NEVER meet again.

That meeting was never adjourned.

I FOIA’d communication between the Electoral Board and participants.

You will never know the real reason because it is a:

Classified Secret

I am left to determine why the Board was abandoned myself: Chris Koos wanted to use tax dollars to hire lawyers to keep from complying with the law for incorporated towns because Dullard and Fritizen were just pawns.

Judge Fellheimer then ruled on his research instead of the arguments presented, Normal’s lawyers never mentioned Home Rule because it didn’t apply. Fellheimer issued his ruling based on it anyway.

Citizens are left holding the bill and living under tyranny. The fund to pay Devore is still very short, details here: https://blnnews.com/2023/01/26/i-hope-the-bond-agencies-are-watching-normals-disfunction/

One of these is true:

6 thoughts on “Want to know why the Electoral Board Disbanded?

      1. He also won the face diaper cases. “Gig” is just doing what they always do, deride and TRY to ridicule anyone who is a thorn in their side. They bore me terribly, as much in fact as their “woke” and truly pathetic SNL and their other “comedians” bore anyone with a bit of sense. I wonder if they even realize, secluded there in their tiny bubbles that they dwell in, just how sick of them most real people are.


  1. And meanwhile the Kris Koos Klan is still out to rip off the taxpayers and continue with his tyranical ways. If not for crooked Koos, no need for Devore. What a shame.

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