Update: Remember the Executive Session Stan Nord wasn’t allowed to attend by phone?

Update: PDF page 87 got fixed. Everything else still applies however:

By: Diane Benjamin

Review this story for details: https://blnnews.com/2022/09/09/village-of-normal-discriminates-against-stan-nord/

And this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/09/20/breaking-news-the-truth-about-stan-nord-and-the-executive-session/

Below is the original notice of this meeting – it was held on a Friday, not after a regular meeting like usual.


Jump to the documents for Monday’s meeting:


PDF page 87:

The September 9th meeting was about property acquisition?

One or both of these are true:

  • The unelected Clerk was told to change “the topic” on Monday’s docs
  • The Attorney General is finally getting around to ruling on yet another Open Meetings Act violation in Normal

Kathleen Lorenz and Karyn Smith were in this meeting. If they participated in an illegal meeting they aren’t intelligent enough to be on the Council. Voted accordingly.

5 thoughts on “Update: Remember the Executive Session Stan Nord wasn’t allowed to attend by phone?

  1. “Chris Koos also stated to the IML Chicago needs to send illegals downstate. Maybe they can live at his house, he must have forgotten there is a local housing shortage. See WGLT.”
    You can bet this is one reason for the “need” for housing boom. They’re sending illegal aliens here.

    1. Why would we be bringing ILLEGAL ALIENS to Normal. We already have enough issues with the crime that is spilling over from Bloomington. We can not turn uptown Normal into a tent city… DISGUSTED with Chris Koos.

  2. Nothing new here. It’s the typical M.O. for Koos and his bobble heads…tell the residents one thing then do another. I have lost count how often this happens in Normal. And they wonder why people distrust Normal’s government.

  3. Watch them try to say that it was an inadvertent mistake that they just put the wrong word on the agenda. It was a joke how they approve remote attendance for some but not others.

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