Seen on Facebook: Cody Hendricks

By: Diane Benjamin

Hendricks is running in Ward 6 against Jordan Baker.

Ask Hendricks if he’s a closet socialist:

Socialist former mayoral candidate Jackie Gunderson supports Hendricks:

It appears Vicki Tilton and Tari Renner do too: (talking about campaign group)

Willing to cheat to win?

Just Funny – Green Top didn’t solve the food desert. If an affordable grocery solution was possible without taxpayer subsidies (Green Top), one would already exist. That’s what capitalists do.

Hendricks applied for appointment to Sister Cities Commission. Look who he used as a reference:

See the entire application here:

2 thoughts on “Seen on Facebook: Cody Hendricks

  1. Let the progressives ride their bikes to the grocery store. The exercise would do them good. Geesh, they complain about everything!

  2. The COVID lockdowns forced on us by the left kept people out of grocery stores and forced grocery delivery. Now grocery delivery has become the norm for many. This has eliminated any valid complaint about a food desert.

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