Unit 5 and Pronouns

By: Diane Benjamin

Just two examples are below. I’m sure there are many more. Why would the the Superintendent and a teacher need to include their preferred pronouns on public documents unless Unit 5 students are allowed to “pick” theirs.

Is this done behind the parents backs? Are students told they can pick their gender?

Beirne is not only a teacher he’s a County Board member.

Nothing will be fixed by giving Unit 5 more money when we know they are already getting more because of increasing Assessed Values.

Vote No Again

Next elect a School Board that isn’t recommended by the Teacher’s Union. Somebody needs to represent taxpayers and parents!

Vote for:

Amee Jada

Dennis Frank

Brad Wurth

Mollie Emery

45 thoughts on “Unit 5 and Pronouns

  1. The Superintendent and current school board is unbelievably Woke. They have bought into Comprehensive Sex Education, Democracy Schools, Diversity Equity Inclusion, Transformative Social Emotional Learning, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and using Critical Race Theory as the framework for teaching. But wait, there’s more. There’s always more because leftist progressive marxists are never done destroying our children or our culture: From a friend regarding schools,
    *****”The next thing is, “wrap around services for mental health.” They are called, “full community schools.” Pritzker is pushing for schools to have all services in-house. It’s frightening. That’s why we must continue to push back!! That’s how, “Critical Theory,” works with their, “lensing.” They are able to adjust the level of, “lensing,” meaning if parents raise hell, they tone things down until things cool off.

  2. Unit 5 is using common core math to claim that increasing the property taxes results in property taxes going down. This is why many states have banned teaching common core math.

          1. Getting the wrong answer is okay as long as you show your work. Nothing is the same as how math was taught 20 years ago when success was much higher. Education in America is now around 26th in the world. Before the Dept of Education we were first.

          2. First off, common core math and the ‘raising taxes lowers them’ misrepresentation are two separate issues. Their deception is just deception, not common core math.
            in my experience, the ‘new so parents can’t help’ is accurate. It’s the math equivalent of the ‘whole word’ approach to reading. it’s useful and easier (once you know it) In Specific Situations. They are changing the learning curve from a more-or-less steady ramp from beginning to end (however far you want to take that ‘end’), to teaching ways that make mastering the basics easy but that don’t scale upward so our kids are poorly prepared for anything beyond those basics.

  3. Be careful now parents the identity training at unit 5 is beginning to take effect. When your child comes home with a new first name you’ll know why.

  4. Lies aren’t allowed. E learning and remote aren’t the same, Unit 5 already does sone E learning.

    They have attended PTO meetings, looks like you didn’t

  5. The current education establishment actively encourages bad grammar.
    If you thinks it be good to teaches our kidses bad grammers, then vote for the same peoples we gots now, and maybe gives them mo’ money so they can teaches even worser.
    If you’d rather have your children get a good education, led by people who put politics at the bottom of the list of factors a school board has to balance rather than at the top, then
    – Elect Board Members Who Give a DAMB! (Dennis, Amee, Mollie, Brad!)
    – Vote No on the Unit5 Tax Increase For Wokeness

  6. The unit 5 referendum is simply providing stability for the children that currently go to school at Unit 5. Please visit the site below to see the actual specifications in and around the referendum. Most importantly, this is not a tax hike, it is a continuation of a referendum from 2008 that will provide hundreds and hundreds of children good stable schools. https://www.unit5.org/domain/3810

            1. @Theiflord – What would happen if I demanded that all public-school students are TAUGHT that our identity is based on God (made in the image of God), that we are all equal in his sight and forgiven through belief in Jesus Christ.

              Immediate canceling, probably firing, likely a lawsuit!

              However according to the Equity Ideology Unit 5 is saying – All students are members of groups with socially constructed identities (made in the image of man). That they are unequal with some being unfairly rewarded oppressors and others being forever marginalized victims because of seen and unseen systemic biases. (a faith-based belief) That because of the shade of your skin you can be unforgiveable and forever racist or bigoted.

              What happens? Millions of dollars of support from the state and federal government. Anyone that disagrees with the new faith is labeled and punished.

              The indoctrination camps are any district in Illinois that follows ISBE mandated ideological teaching methods based on CRT principles and Marxist theory.

    1. Just read through the linked site. Please help me understand how this is “not a tax hike.” In regards to the list of approved cuts…those should have been made years ago in foresight if this financial situation. If you cut those items years ago and then we’re still struggling I might be more open to this. The site even says if the referendum passes then the cuts may not actually happen. The board members are supposed to be leaders. Leaders make tough decisions. Start being responsible stewards of the tax dollars and make cuts. No tax hikes!

      1. But it isn’t a tax hime, it’s a continuation of a 2008 referendum that allows my sister to have small class sizes, a music program, and wide variety of extracurricular activities. It’s still only 15 cents and it gives my sister these amazing opportunities that she wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. Why should we prevent that?

          1. But aren’t a music program, dozens of jobs, dozens of extracurriculars, and many building improvements for children worth 15 cents?

            1. “But aren’t a music program, dozens of jobs, dozens of extracurriculars, and many building improvements for children worth 15 cents?” And isn’t your sister’s life worth $200,000 i smnall, unmarked bills left in a blue backpack at a location given to you by an electronically garbled voice in a phone call tomorrow evening? Who’s going to say no to either of those completely irrelevant questions? You’re purposely ignoring the real issues here.

  7. Look to the rich woke “leaders” at State Farm amd Country Insurance And businesses locally. And who they bring in to push things through and to get the county and area to all vote the same for their so called gain (for the good of society). It’s a long time thing. Ridiculous nepotism and rhetoric. And they don’t use their brains but influencers in Their 50s so no one questions them. Follow the leader. I don’t trust an of them. Never did. Seen way too much deceit while they love high on the hog $$

    Watched this for years. How things pass

    Not everything that looks for the “good” is always as it seems. Anyone even looks deep into what goes on.

    Voters simply play along with the charade $$$$

  8. My sons first day assignment in his English class was to choose his pronoun and give a speech on why he chose it. His was “Batman”. His speech was so well done that he was given applause. The teacher took him outside the classroom and admonished him for being disrespectful towards those that take this serious. With a serious face, he asked her if she wasn’t taking his pronoun seriously? This was immediately after the principal had just given a lecture about zero tolerance towards this type of behavior and any discrimination. Again, my son asked her if she was discriminating? She said no, but said that it was inappropriate. Not once did she ever talk to my son the rest of the semester or use his pronoun. He even wore a Hungarian flag during pride week, He is 50% Hungarian, and doesnt feel its fair for the Religious LGBTQ flags to be flown and flaunted while the US flag and open Christian prayer or a crusade flag would be “aggressive”. Like BLM/Antifa isnt?

    1. I know I’ve said it occasionally of FascBook, but this is the first time here:
      I wish there was a limited-use ten-thumbs-up button available.
      And I wish my kids had the cojones your son does (assuming the story’s legit vs what Should have happened)

    1. 35% of college bound students need remedial education. Schools are to educate – not play with what a minor wants to call themselves. No wonder suicide rates are up, schools make students in difficult situations nuts.

      1. But when has pronoun use harmed you or someone you love? When has a calling a person they instead of he or she caused harm? Is it not okay to let children be exploratory? Find their own identities in a world of rigid conformism?

          1. No actually, but I do support respecting people’s decisions to use alternative pronouns. But could you answer my previous question? When has pronoun use harmed you or someone you loved?

            1. Here’s another example Thieflord. There are many.

              From Oklahoma State rep. Goodwin.
              She says –

              “DEI is god.”

              DEI’s foundation is about identity training. (Pronouns as you call it) Teachers and students will be experts at it. Maybe they won’t be able to do math or read but that’s beside the point to them. Education in the new woke world is secondary to social activism. Karl Marx is ecstatic!


        1. By your logic, it should be fine to call minorities, LGBTQ individuals, etc by their respective insults because there is no demonstrable harm done, plus it allows the insulter to explore and possibly expand their vocabulary in a society that is very restrictive on the matter. Is that your intent?

          1. The constitution has actually ruled on “Fighting words” which include slurs, so that statement is unconstitutional, and calling people slurs causes much emotional harm. Using someone’s preferred pronouns does not cause severe emotional damage, so I would say that those are different.

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