Normal Funds Connect Transit with advertising

By: Diane Benjamin

Your tax dollars in Normal are paying for advertising on Connect Transit buses.

Connect shows advertising revenue when this is merely rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Maybe we can get to a point where government funds other government instead of fleecing citizens! Just keep passing around the same bucks.

Connect Transit hired a firm to recruit advertisers for them. The Town of Normal was pegged.

Normal paid to have 2 buses wrapped. In the real business world their would be a monthly charge, not just a one time fee. I don’t know what $100 buys in a window. In the real world – not much.

These invoices were received by FOIA:

6 thoughts on “Normal Funds Connect Transit with advertising

  1. Does Bloomington, Peoria or Champaign spend a comparable amount advertising on bussesl? If so, then typical government waste. If Normal is unique, then that would be interesting.


  2. I just saw one of the wrapped buses and my first thought was
    OH WOW – now they are using our tax dollars to cover the bus windows
    so we tax payers cannot see through the bus windows at the mostly empty bus.

    How do we get a refund on those window covers, I mean bus wraps??

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  3. What does a TOWN need to advertise? What is their logo? “It’s our money now” Maybe, “Make your Grandkids pay” That is probably a better one, With all the dept Normal has, Your Grandkids will be paying for King Koos legacy. That is his Legacy folk – You build 16 buildings and what did you get, your children and grandchildren deeper in debt. Saint Peter, don’t you calll me cause I can’t go, I owe my soul to Koos and Co. (My apologies to Tennesse Erine Ford)

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