How much did Normal charge you for Make Music Normal?

By: Diane Benjamin

All of the below are payments made to performers (MMM). This is likely not the complete list. Not included is the staff time it took to hire and pay all these performers. It also doesn’t include advertising.

Government entertainment means government gets to pick your entertainment, not you. Normal doesn’t want to leave any part of your life to the private sector. Worse yet is the citizens of Normal were charged for entertainment whether they went or not and for entertaining people who don’t pay taxes in Normal. Everything was free.

The total so far is almost $36,000:

Of course the real cost is much higher.

Last meetings approved bills:


11 thoughts on “How much did Normal charge you for Make Music Normal?

  1. Would love to know which is the drag show. Then we could follow connections to where they might lead. Which staff chose them? What connections the show has to government entities if any? Etc.

    I know that council woman Lorenz is looking for answers as she received a number of complaints from citizens.

  2. Kathleen has two faces. She claims she is for public transparency but she never holds staff accountable.

  3. For all the purchases at Menards, I wonder who gets all the 11% Rebate checks and if they use them to offset future purchases.

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