One Voice DC trip pics

By:  Diane Benjamin

The One Voice trip has a lot of local people in Washington DC this week begging for money.

Here’s a pic of the group with Mark Kirk:

onev Then listening to Dick Durbin:

The next one is the most interesting!
Who is Julie Hile?
See this story:

Hile was a speaker at a conference on how to make conservative opinions irrelevant by taking control of the conversation.  This was after her plans for Form Based Code were thwarted along the Main Street corridor.


One more pic:

Most of the Bloomington gang is there!

More pics are on the BNEDC Twitter site:



8 thoughts on “One Voice DC trip pics

  1. Wonder what three projects they want the Federal Government to support. Wonder if the citizens will ever find out. Connect Transit was there. CEO of N/N-ED was there as well as Austin Grammar.

    1. It’s public info: mental health, stem education, and transportation. That really means Pre-K, fund bus service, and add to the jail.

      1. Does that mean when the Federal government issues money to the City/County for Connect Transit and mental health the local taxes will be refunded? I already know the answer–just being snarky.

  2. The only thing missing is a copy of the Communist Manifesto in the hands of each idiot in attendance.

  3. I wonder where this group thinks the Federal Government gets it’s money? Does it matter if you confiscate my wealth at the local, state, or federal level? It’s still my money, stupid! I always end up with less disposable income and my lifestyle is diminished. I am forced to choose because I can’t raise taxes and fees and pocket the money. Sad thing is, there are thousands of groups just like this bunch throughout the country. God help us!

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