The Hoax takes a new low!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The climate change believers were unleashed to spew propaganda in the bird-cage liner today.  An editorial by two ISU professors called people who haven’t swallowed the communist green kool-aid part of the “cult of ignorance”.

These clowns admit to living in a bubble.   I agree and it’s funded by taxpayers and kids mortgaging their futures.

It’s obvious the writers, neither of which are climate scientists, will be voting liberal progressive in November.  I wonder if they know the Draft Democrat platform calls for the Justice Department to prosecute companies that don’t buy into the Climate Change hoax:

Pages 19-20


Stifling Freedom of Speech not only violates the first Amendment to the Constitution, it proves Climate Change science is fraught with lies and exaggerations.  No, the overwhelming majority of climate scientists do not agree that global warming is dangerous.  That theory was debunked years ago.  Al Gore’s predictions were wrong.  Computer projections aren’t close to reality.

Look no farther that the 70’s when we were supposedly entering the next ice age.

When temperatures didn’t support that theory, we were informed that global warming was going to kill us.

Then temperatures quit rising, so we now have the more general “climate change”.  Everything from earthquakes, droughts, floods, forest fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes are blamed on climate change, evidently they are all new phenomenon never before seen on this planet.

One writer is the chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the other is the dean of the College of Arts and Science.  I wonder if they indoctrinate students when the course isn’t about climate?

The editorial calls non believers anti-intellectual.  Might as well said country bumpkins, Astroturf, or red-necks.  Opinions based on reality are inferior to their authoritarian talking points.  The writers all but said “submit or die”.  They lamented that unbelievers would lead to a totalitarian government that will persecuted, imprison, or killed intellectuals.

Professors:  It’s the “intellectuals” calling for prosecutions.  Unbelievers just want the hoax and redistribution of wealth ended!  Billions of dollars spent on “green” technology has vastly inflated the national debt and led to farmland destruction with hazardous ugly turbines throwing oil and killing birds.  The hoax has been a success at one thing, throwing tax money to political operatives.

There is an absence of critical thinking, but it’s at taxpayer-funded universities who would lose money if they didn’t tow the elitist line.

I don’t have to prove the editorial is a joke, I’ve done many stories on the biggest hoax to ever be perpetrated on the world:

I found the salary of one of the climate bullies at

skiboI wonder why his salary went down in 2014?  Incompetence?  Bad reviews?

The other doofus isn’t listed.

If you have a kid at ISU accumulating debt to earn an education, they aren’t been taught.  They are being indoctrinated by elitists who prefer salves to free thinkers.
Why are you allowing the government to educate your kids?  If ISU had any integrity, these two would be fired.  Don’t hold your breath.

13 thoughts on “The Hoax takes a new low!

  1. WOW! Better get back to my OLD geology textbooks, as LAST time I looked, earthquakes were not “weather related” but rather caused by small little continents just shifting around. MAYBE that’s also causing climate change?? Think for a moment. IF we heat up the planet, we get more clouds, more clouds=less sunshine=cooler days=GLACIERS. I think the earth will take care of itself-see DINOSAUR. And any day we THINK we have the answers, some darn asteroid or meteorite will give us TRUE climate change! Until then, DRIVE that VW like ya stole it!


  2. I don’t have any problem with intellectuals except for when they step outside their field of expertise and still assert intellectual superiority over a subject they have no known substantive background. The Professor in the article offered no facts. But did offer democrat party talking points. These professors are blinded by their religion of environmentalism.


  3. His salary went down in 2014 because in 2013 he was the interim department chair for the English department, then, in 2014, went back to the faculty. He is far from incompetent, nor does he get bad reviews from our students.
    If you want Dr. Simpson’s salary, you can look it up here:


    1. Participating in the denial of free speech is close enough for incompetence for me. Can’t have an honest debate so just deny the opposition. Yeah, incompetentence is therefore a great description in such a case.


  4. All combustion, such as forest fires, volcano eruptions–even outdoor grilling–produces CO2. Mammals produce CO2 during their breathing process. Plant life naturally converts CO2 into oxygen. Therefore, stop unnecessary deforestation and plant more trees which will remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Household waste produces methane gas–more toxic than CO2. That methane gas eventually converts to CO2. Reduce household waste!
    If these guys truly want to reduce what they are referring to as global warming, they should forgo air-conditioning, refrigeration, lighting, TV, computers and all other electronic devices. Civilization would need to return to the pre-industrial age. By doing so, human population would naturally decrease resulting in less consumption of petroleum products. Multi-modal transportation would be by foot or beast of burden.
    I don’t think they have completely thought through their argument.


    1. Or work to find ways to convert to CO2 to different by-products. They are experimenting with storing excess CO2 underground. Other companies are looking at CO2 in other applications such as feedstock for chemical production.
      Give incentives to companies that utilize CO2 conversation technologies. Encourage research into to more cost effective carbon extraction methods.


  5. I disagree. There is an excellent article by Spencer Wert and the American Institute of Physics that lays out the history and research into the Greenhouse effect. There are plenty in both sides of the political spectrum who support the science behind climate change.


  6. I haven’t researched it, but I do wonder if pollution, use of fossil fuels, and other things don’t cause global warming. I don’t know. That much is true. However I found and read the article by Skibo and the Dean. I so dislike elitist (not intelligent people) and I really felt like I was being talked down to. For that reason I just made a contribution to Way to teach democracy jackasses…talk down to people who don’t share your beliefs and knowledge. You are both gross!


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