Recycling: Government FAIL!

By:  Diane Benjamin

McLean County, Bloomington, and Normal all passed a recycling ordinance that could lead to MANDATORY recycling, shortly after Normal decided they don’t have the money to pay for drop off sites:

Midwest Fiber supposedly agreed to operate these drop off sites:

It looks like there is NO profit in recycling because all three of the containers behind Walmart were completely packed this morning!

When Normal paid the cost they never were.  Normal can’t afford to pay, obviously the profit in collecting recyclables isn’t great or Midwest Fiber would have brought in new bins by now.

There was a constant flow of people attempting to be good citizens and not throw their recyclables in the garbage.  They couldn’t load anything in the bins.  Some took the stuff back home, some just started dumping:

I haven’t decide yet whether to throw mine in the garbage or attempt another drop off.

Normal is in financial trouble or the global warming (or is it cooling or climate change?) clowns would have kept paying believing they are saving the earth.

The north side of Walmart could look like the new City Dump by tonight.

Government wants to tell you what to do even if it makes no economic sense.  They ran out of other people’s money, the private sector isn’t going to work for free.  Normal created this mess, Midwest Fiber will get the blame.

Sweden burns garbage creating energy, why can’t we do something that makes sense for a change?








9 thoughts on “Recycling: Government FAIL!

  1. EPA fake regulations.
    Other countries burn garbage polluting the air. So, can’t do that here.
    Wonder of east coast and west coast still have different regulations. (West coast blows across the U.S. and east coast just blows out to sea).


  2. We have to PAY every month for our garbage and recycle pick-up, yet I take the garbage to my garden and throw it in a “composting pit” As for the recycle stuff, there is VERY LITTLE. Can’t get the worms to eat the used Pantagraphs..So have to recycle them..
    Millennials, do-gooders, feel-gooders, tree huggers, earth cookies, granola mommas, they ALL want to “Save the planet”, but WHEN it comes to helping out, they are out at some demonstration and TOO BUSY to do ANY good. They ALL wanted Green Top, now they have it. WHERE’S the crowds. Common Ground seems to do pretty good business, but it’s privately owned and run, so they HAVE to turn a profit or go under-humm?


  3. The discontinuation of the drop box program will save the Town $138K. In the larger scheme of things and with pending mandatory recycling, saving $138K is insignificant to a $3M budget gap. Surely, the Town could have found cuts totaling that amount in a different area. Priority Based Budgeting— follow the money.

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    1. How long before the local governments with the help of the Ecology Action Center start going through people’s garbage, inspecting curbsides on or before garbage day, and issuing citations? It will start with “friendly reminders” but will likely escalate quickly to fines.

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