The Illinois Progressive War on Children

By: Diane Benjamin

Capitalism has proven to the world that competition produces better results than monopolies.  Costs decrease, quality increases, and better products are delivered to consumers.

Illinois started a program in 2017 called Invest in Kids which provides a tax credit for parents wanting their kids in private schools but can’t afford it:

The tax credit is available to contributors.

JB Pritzker doesn’t like the program and vows to get rid of it:

Last week was School Choice Week.  If dollars were allowed to follow the kids instead of being handed to school districts, how would education change?

Schools would have to complete for your kids.  More specialized schools would arise to meet the differing needs of kids.  Today kids are herded into classrooms that can’t address the ways they learn.  They aren’t allowed to learn at their own pace or concentrate on areas of interest that spur their imagination.

If families were given money to pick the schools of their choice, there would be an almost overnight cost decrease and quality increase.

Evidently progressives think kids can choose their own gender, but not their own school.

Illinois wants your kids in their state-run indoctrination camps instead of allowing them to achieve their own greatness.

Yes, progressives have a war on children.  One would think all people want the most intelligent future workers possible.

Illinois government schools like creating sheep instead.

Beat them by home schooling, cheap and even free programs are available on-line.



3 thoughts on “The Illinois Progressive War on Children

  1. I agree with you 100% and of course J.elly B.elly Pritzger doesn’t like anything that smacks of non government involvement. Keeping children practically ignorant of especially History has been a progressive goal for at least 20-30 years now, they are very near that goal, a few kids do manage on their own to glean some knowledge but those who don’t have knowledgeable parents or an innate curiosity that has been nurtured remain ignorant, especially if they attend a public school in a district controlled by “progressives” (regressives). An indoctrinated and ignorant populace is soooo easy to control.


  2. Remember it is always about the money. Lets say a Public School has 300 to 400 kids in it. Their State School funds are based on actual attendance. So if all kids stay in this same school, the school board can with some surety make a viable budget. Now lets remove 30%? and they now go to some other type school. How is a tax paying district going to make up for the loss of student moneys? Wait I’ll tell you, but you already know, yep, taxes must go up to catch back up to at least try and keep the student dollar spent on their education where it was. The mind set to cripple public schools further is an idea professed as a way to re-segregate schools. May not be over a color but most likely over Country of recent origin.


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