Isn’t this special

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday Alderman Jenn Carrillo posted a video on her Alderman Facebook page instructing illegals on what to do if ICE comes to their house or business.  She claims she has been advocating for illegals for 10 years.  She must think illegals all speak Spanish, she used both Spanish and English.  Jenn is opposed to actually deporting people who have orders of deportation.  If you are on Facebook you can see the video here:

Question Jenn:  Why do people come to America illegally?  Why did your family come to America illegally?

Do people come here to turn America into the country they left, or do they come her because America is “the shining city on the hill”?  If people come here for opportunity, why are you trying to destroy opportunity with democratic socialism?

Illegals suppress wages.  They are willing to work for less,  If illegals weren’t working for less money wages would have to increase.  Jenn, don’t talk about the wage disparity when you support illegals taking jobs.

ICE is enforcing deportation orders.  The law is immaterial to at least one Bloomington Alderman.

Congrats Ward 6!  Only 716 of you bothered to vote, 379 of you voted for an activist instead of a representative.  Only 3 years and 10 months left of Jenn antics.  Stock up on the popcorn.

ward6 vote

On the Monday Bloomington Agenda:

Non-union city employees are heading for the door too.  The policy of eliminating pension spiking applies to them unless they notify the City of plans to retire by October 31, 2019 and actually leave by April 30, 2020.

The City is now disclosing pension spiking because it is the law.  This one is for Monday night:

so special

Sue gets another $6,430 the first year and it will cost you $97,716!

Listing the North Main Property with Coldwell Banker is back on the agenda.  Keep in mind the City sunk $1,400,000 into this property.  IWU is adding two other parcels to the listing.  Unless it sells for a lot more than Bloomington invested, taxpayers lose.

Tim Gleason will vet projects and pass those deemed worthy to the Council.  (Sounds like FOIA’s will be needed to see what is unworthy)

The City is still pretending to know what’s best:


The Coldwell Banker contract runs for 18 months with a possible 6 month extension.  Evidently nobody is expecting a fast sale.  Most of the other states are experiencing huge economic gains.  Not Illinois and certainly not Bloomington-Normal.

What do they have in common?  Thinking . . thinking . . .thinking . . .

The McLean County Regional Planning Commission is getting $54,000 to continue “planning” for Bloomington.  These are the same people who got a very low response rate to Bring It On Bloomington but promoted the results anyway.  Without MCRPC there wouldn’t be any barely used bike lanes.

PDF page 162:


Nobody applied or nobody was the “right fit”?



52 thoughts on “Isn’t this special

  1. WHY in the HECK, would ANY “illegal” live under the radar for an extended period of time? These people AND those who ASSIST them are the TRUE CRIMINALS! Any person in this country illegally, just has to “do the steps” to citizenship and become LEGAL! Is that so hard to UNDERSTAND JEN?? Because YOU CHOSE to be “illegal” for so long, speaks VOLUMES about your TRUE character. I wouldn’t take legal advice from Jen anymore then I’d Jump in the ocean to pet a great white shark…TRULY a case of a disturbed and REBELLIOUS personality!


  2. Comments are needed by every council member, the city manager, the BPD Chief, and the mayor.
    This subject needs to discussed at the next council meeting. Will illegals be concentrating and camping in Ward 6 ?


  3. Jenn is a criminal, a thug, and a deviant. I am SO glad that I am one of those proud Conservatives that worked very hard (but VERY quietly) to get her elected. She is the evil, hateful face of the radical Left and a wake-up call to every non Marxist voter in McLean County. Her antics will not disappoint and just might get a few more decent people to the polls next election. That would be well with the price of slightly increased radicalism on an already Hard Left City Council. The mask is off. So are the gloves.


  4. Hey Jenn! Do you support the illegal immigration of the Congolese that may be infected with EBOLA? They are included in the whole mess ya know, right? Wow girl you are really no friend to “your people” at all. Inviting potentially sick and diseased people to just fit right in to the mix with no vetting. Your proclamation to include all is truly ignorant in multiple ways. Very sad that subborness rules in your world. Very sad.

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  5. When passed by both towns, the Welcoming Cities Ordinance will be the official wink and nod for all foreigners to start the true invasion of McLean County. As we all know, these people have no intention of becoming American citizens. The true intent is a demographic takeover of as many communities as possible. Once complete, the intimidation of the locals, thievery of businesses and overwhelming local social services and the health community will be ramped up. All of the border jumping is intentional and has little to nothing to do with present conditions in their own countries. The final intended outcome is to turn the USA into a country run by people of color. Don’t be fooled by Asian Indians. They have the same intentions. They know the conditions are right to make it happen and are making hay of the opportunity taking advantage of stupid, liberal Caucasians at the state and local levels.


    1. Just because a few idiots like Renner, Jenn, Koos and company get this passed does not mean that the citizens have to support it. You still have a phone and eyes. 1-866-DHS-2ICE. (ICE Hotline). When in an airport they have many signs saying report suspicious activity, I say in your neighborhood do the same.


      1. I reported our two mayors long ago but doubt anything happened then or will happen in the future by doing so. Since the ICE office is located in Chicago and the contacts all have Hispanic surnames it’s a pretty safe bet little to nothing is done with citizen reports. Besides, we are not in Texas and most Hispanics that live or work in Chicago still have close ties to Mother Mexico or whatever Central American country they come from.

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    2. That may be the end result, but I expect few if any illegals come here with explicit intent to take over the country. Some of the monied/connected people that are supporting illegal immigration certainly see that as a goal, yes, but I doubt it’s a majority.


      1. Maybe or maybe not. But such is part of Carrillo’s end game and people like her. The concept of Reconquista is actively promoted and taught to children in Mexico. It is also reportedly taught by Hispanic teachers in Hispanic dominated schools in California with regularity. So the seeds have been and are being planted. As far as Indians and Pakistanis go, they have believed for centuries they are a superior race of people and the concept is promoted among youngsters, if not in the schools, definitely in the homes. Work among them and you find out quickly how they look down on people that are not them and not of their culture. When population numbers give them the edge, true intentions will be known.


  6. I had to go to my doctor the other day and while leaving St. Joe heading west on Washington st. I saw a guy riding his bike heading east. He was wearing a helmet elbow pads and all. the problem was he wasn’t in the bike lane he was on the sidewalk.


  7. 1) What jobs are being taken by illegals? Apparently you and your readers want to scrub toilets and pick crops in 100 degree heat. Those are the jobs they take. The crop picking jobs are hard jobs that pay little. The agriculture industry has tried to hire citizens. They can’t pay enough and people quit after a few hours of back breaking work.

    2) You didn’t watch the entire video which Ms Carrillo informs the undocumented about retaining a lawyer and having their documentation ready and not resisting arrest. Again, it’s easy to demonize.

    3) Trump just called off the raids. Probably because it would have been a disaster politically or ICE wasn’t staffed with enough agents.


    1. Local illegals are scrubbing toilets and picking crops in 100 degree heat? I did watch it all, she implied a lawyer will fight the deportation order. She doesn’t believe in borders which means she doesn’t respect citizenship or laws.

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      1. What do you think they’re taking CPA jobs? No, automation not illegal immigrants are taking and changing jobs. Robots and computers are performing more and more jobs not people.

        “She implied a lawyer will fight the deportation order”. Well yes, that’s what immigration lawyers do for a living. Even an illegal immigrant have rights to a lawyer and a hearing on their status. ICE also has to have a signed order of an immigration judge for removal in order to arrest someone. Civil rights aren’t just for citizens, it’s for everyone in living in this country.

        She doesn’t believe in borders. Well that’s a big lie. Obama deported more illegals in his time in office than Trump. Obama concentrated on actual criminals not families with young children. Trump has repeatedly sought to remove entire families some with children who are citizens. The deplorable conditions of detention camps have made this a cause many people think this is wrong morally. Housing people in camps and denying them basic sanitary items and denying children play time and blankets is not American. We’re better than this.


    2. You did not spell your avatar name correctly. You added a “C” that should not be there Karlton Renner.


    3. Karlton…. you are funny. I am sure successful Hispanics (many who own businesses) would love that you think that their sole jobs in the US are scrubbing our toilets and picking our food.

      My question is: do you have a man bun?

      FYI – Turn off CNN and MSNBC – stop reading the Washington Compost and the NYLies (NYT)

      FYI again – Trump did not “call off the deportations” he just delayed them and he is using them against your buddies in congress to try to get immigration reform done. They will resume if nothing is done (very likely).

      This Jenn woman is a joke. Like @AOC and the two crazy Muslim women in congress – she does not represent the majority of Americans. All these fringe socialist radicals will be gone before we know it and the real people of our community and our country will regain control (Already happened nationally with President Trump)

      And finally I would like to trigger you with what I know you dislike (NPC University) since you are an NPC and will hate being confronted with this reality. Enjoy:


      1. You are welcome… folks like Karlton Man Bun are perfectly portrayed by the NPCs. They are easily triggered SJWs who have been brainwashed (by academia and the media) into accepting the swill of unquestioning group think. The left hates the NPC memes and most all of the memes being created today. Yes, they apparently can’t create memes and are triggered by what you and I think is hilarious (and true) about them.

        Which reminds me…. Karlton… where are you? I like debating with NPCs…


      2. Was that suppose to be something? I’m not clicking on any Youtube nonsense to watch a stupid cartoon. I wasn’t talking about all “Hispanics” or even all immigrants. I was talking about recent immigrants who have come recently from Central America seeking asylum. They are all hard working and don’t take “jobs’ away from anyone.

        Trump is using this against Congress? Nancy Pelosi isn’t that dumb, since she was the one who call Trump to call off the raids. I wonder why the Republican Congress who had all branches of government for over two years didn’t come up with a immigration solution. It’s probably because illegal immigrants rile up his base. It’s certainly riling you up.


      3. To Karlton (c)ASS
        God forbid you would click on a link and learn something or hear another viewpoint. Close minded people like you is why I say your last name does not need a “C”. You won’t click on the link but you expect others to use their time reading you. Nice try Tari clone.

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    4. There are no crops to pick in central Illinois but the are quite a few illegals here. There many people that don’t have jobs that would be willing the scrub toilets.

      Illegal is illegal. If everyone decided which laws they want to obey and got away with it the prisons would be

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  8. Yeah, well if the illegals are so productive, why are they draining OUR resources? Duh. And who is paying for that lawyer? Not you Karlton. We won’t see you donating any of your resources. But you will expect the rest of the U.S. citizen taxpayers to pay that bill while veterans are homeless. Resident troll Karlton continues to prove his/her/it’s ignorance, time after time.

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  9. Regarding the property on main street: Holy Trinity is looking at the property for parking. They just have to milk the parishioners for the money to buy. Never mind the fact that the Pope has millions and is spending Church money to support illegals.

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  10. The City never should have purchased the property on Main Street period. If was such a hot commodity, why wouldn’t a private sector developer or business just purchase the land from its previous owner? Well, in short, two answers: (1) Local developers are attached at the hip to City Hall, as they know tax breaks and other incentives are handed out regularly. The precedent has been set. Hard to blame them for asking if they know other developers have been handed such perks in the past; (2) The land is not the hot commodity that Tari and City Hall would have us believe. Therefore, the City felt it must step in as the buyer of last (or only) resort. Now the City (or more appropriately, its taxpayers) are stuck holding an asset they’ve overpaid for and one that only incurs expenses (ex. liability insurance, landscaping, etc.) without any revenue. Finally, let’s assume for the sake of argument someone wants to buy the land from the City or do one of those fabled “public-private partnerships”, that means the City gets to act as the gatekeeper, deciding who is the “right” fit to buy/use/lease the land.


      1. The City wants retail and “green sustainable concepts” (whatever that means) to be part of their strategic plan for downtown. Oh, great! Minimum wage jobs in the thin margin retail sector, which depends upon people with disposable incomes. The level of disposable income in BN is down as a result of the types of incoming and outgoing jobs over at Big Red. (Not to mention government raising fees and taxes.) Retail is an economic caboose, not an economic engine. As far as green sustainable concepts, assuming its more than a flowery buzzword for Tari & Co., what are we talking about here? BN Solyndra? Perhaps, it’s vague enough for Connect Transit to fit the bill.

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      2. Yes – this is all about greasing the crony system and maintaining the correct ideology (right fit for their vision of our town) – it is not about really moving our town forward or economic development.

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  11. Karlton – you are back! Do you have a II or III after your name? Yes, YouTube non-sense that describes NPCs (you perfectly) – my God I love having an NPC in the thread. Don’t watch NPC University…. you will be triggered…. I bet you agree with the nitwit AOC that we are operating “Concentration Camps” on the border? “Never again” right? Are we preparing to exterminate illegals (this has been talked about on the left)? “Nancy Pelosi isn’t that dumb, since she was the one who call Trump to call off the raids.” Are you serious? Nervous Nancy with her frontal lobes swimming in alcohol did nothing of the sort. Our great President Trump is leveraging mass deportation to get the Democrats to do something about the immigration laws and loopholes. If they don’t finally do something about the laws, he will start mass deportations. This is negotiating from a position of strength and even you must know our president is a master negotiator. Once again Karlton Man Bun III – turn off the BS you are watching and find out what is really going on. They are lying to you and you are believing it!


    1. Well done neversilent actual facts and/or simply the reality of situations often trigger them too they often resort to saying the truth teller is being angry or aggressive as one of the fall back cliches.


  12. “Funny how the media ignored obama’s Kids in cages and deportations!”

    The Obama administration did NOT have a policy of tearing children from their parents arms and having no plan to reunite them. the Trump separating children was a Trump plan not Obamas’. The Obama administration did NOT have a policy of denying soap, toothbrushes, blankets to to children. The Obama administration had unaccompanied minors that were housed temporary until they went to their sponsors. Deporting criminals is a far cry from making children sleep on bare concrete without blankets in horrid conditions where there aren’t sanitary conditions.
    “Open border guy”. This has nothing to do with “open borders”. I wonder about those who claim to be Christians but can’t accept the stranger among us.

    ” I was hungry and you gave me food,
    I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

    The righteous then ask,

    “When did we see you, a stranger, and welcome you?”

    Christ replies,
    “‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”


    1. I love liberals who expect government for do what Jesus commanded them to do. Nice try. Do you know 1/3 of tested so far are not with a relative? Did Obama have 100,000 or more a month crashing the border? You are about to get banned for stupidity , I’ve heard enough propaganda.

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      1. Before you cross the border check list

        1) Backpack
        2) Cell phone
        3) What to say when the border patrol picks you up (asylum request statement)
        4) Money (cash)
        5) Underage child or children (rent one or just abduct one or more)
        6) Cover MS-13 Tattoos
        7) Fake ID (especially for you criminals)

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    2. Really? You play the Christ card now? Let them all come in right? Maybe they can come live at your McMansion? Tearing children from the arms of human traffickers? Give me a break – Americans – of all races want illegal immigration stopped – the end – get used to it – not happening anymore – take your fake crocodile tears to some other SJW cause.

      Note to the real people in this thread: You can see how shallow and weak his rebuttals are? This is because he is parroting what he has been told. He has not really investigated what is really going on at the border. He is just listening to the Fake News networks and his fellow NPCs. Yes, he is in echo chamber of ignorance and propaganda.

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    3. Hey Karlton IV – you might want to over to the current post IS RODRIGUEZ ILLEGAL?

      People are wanting you to defend the Mexican (maybe illegal) who just killed an American on a motorcycle here in town.

      These are the people who you are defending, so get in there boy and defend this guy who killed an American and had no license and ran away from the scene of the accident.


      1. Darn…! I was hoping Karlton VIII could tell us how we are just not very Christian to not have millions of illegals from every god forsaken country on the planet roaming around our country killing and raping and stealing from us Americans?


  13. Something to add. Tuesday 6/25 there is a “Women of Distinction ” award banquet presented by– The YWCA-
    Guess who got nominated ? Your favorite political activist. I called about the nomination procedure, I guess we could nominate Diane next year if we wanted to but in the meantime, if you know anybody , anywhere , anyhow have them call the YWCA to protest her being included on nominated list.

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  14. Karlton (resident troll with a new name everyday) Cass in the context about the illegals says, “They are all hard working and don’t take “jobs’ away from anyone.” Big fat lie goofball. True some are good workers but NOT ALL. Yes they do take jobs away from citizens. It’s why we call you the lunatic left. Your ramblings here only solidify your ignorance.


  15. Ah yes in the Obama years they concentrated on deporting only REAL criminals like 2 I know personally one from UK and one from China the one from China had a green card was working he got deported because he had an air rifle, yes a simple air rifle and he shot some pigeons (yes he ate them) that got him deported for 7 years. The one from England was also deported for 7 years because she had left the country, came back and had gone past her American visa expiration date (it was a tourist visa) by ONE day due to a a mistake/oversight made when purchasing her ticket on date of return to UK – she had a flight back to the UK for the following day she had planned to spend a night in Chicago after visiting Mexico and Guatemala before she had to fly back to the UK but nope out she goes after being apprehended in customs and spending a night in deportee “jail” at the airport and she too had her ability to re-enter this country stopped for, yep 7 years – VERY dangerous people those two…


  16. And what about the person of questionable legal status who basically murdered the motorcyclist from Normal on Main St. on Saturday. How will we ever know if he was an illegal or not thank to idiotic and illegal Welcoming Ordinances? Do you think Jenn and Taxin Tari care about his life? I hope his whole family shows up at the next council meeting to ream their worthless butts.


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