More Democrat Brilliance

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Democrats in Springfield went on a taxing spree this spring.  That’s what Democrats do, evidently the people of Illinois like being taxed to death.

Here’s a tax that hasn’t been talked about much:

demo brillince

Bloomington just spent a bunch of money on automatic fee machines, Normal already had them.  If they really wanted people downtown parking would be free, I NEVER pay to park in a garage.  It looks like January 1st both towns will be paying taxes for their parking garages.  Of course the parking rates will need to be raised meaning even less people will park in their garages.

What about the people who work downtown?  How many businesses will consider higher rates the final straw and leave downtown?

Downstate, is there anybody but government who charges for parking?  I can’t think of any.  Maybe Democrats were planning to punish the private sector in Chicago and didn’t realize what they were doing.

Par for the course.

IML is the Illinois Municipal League.


(Reagan should have said Democrats instead of government)

2 thoughts on “More Democrat Brilliance

    1. Dems are way too privileged to worry about such things as taxes. If you doubt my words check out how much Al Sharpton owes in back taxes.


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