Marc Tiritilli proves Working Group is a farce

By:  Diane Benjamin

We already knew the Connect Transit Working Group was not formed to fix problems.  Koos and company can’t allow mere mortals to upset their transportation plans to force all plebes on buses.  Marc Tiritilli proved the group was a setup from the beginning – it was only created to pacify those not being served.  Koos had the audacity to place Connect Transit Board member Julie Hile’s son in the group!  That was a slap in the face to those who NEED to ride the bus but now can’t.

Later Koos responded to statements about the RFP for huge electric buses.  He said take it to the working group, not Council.

I can’t possibly recap what Marc eloquently said and do justice to it.  He isn’t reading anything, not even notes.

Hit play to hear his remarks yourself – 10:43

7 thoughts on “Marc Tiritilli proves Working Group is a farce

  1. Koos was later seen at the emergency room suffering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Notice he made comments next concerning what can and can not be discussed in approving a couple of other housekeeping items. His main premise was to not allow discussion of those items. No doubt some were from the era of RC McBribe and he wants to cut out the new voices of reason.

  2. WELL SPOKEN MARC! Marc has spoken the TRUTH and Mr KOOS cannot HANDLE THE TRUTH! Let’s see IF the council, etc, listen to his TRUE words.. And hopefully MARC WILL BE THE NEXT MAYOR!
    Mr Koos & company is EXACTLY what is WRONG with America right now..
    And as Mr Koos said: WRAP IT UP, YOU’VE GONE OVERTIME!
    Transform CT NOW!

  3. ALL of the B-N working groups are a farce and have been for many years. Get a facilitator and a predetermined outcome will happen or the group will be scrapped. Kooky Koos, little man Taxin’ Tari and lemmings,,,is why I call them demon-rats! Very descriptive.

    1. 100% correct, Old Stanky. These “working groups”, “committees”, or whatever label they’re given are all a setup by the powers that be to ensure they retain control of, or at least undue influence over, the local government and economy. Koos and Renner are frightened of what individuals, acting on their own logic through their respective life experiences and rational thinking will decide. In short, they hate individual liberty and believe that their ideology is superior to that of the common man or woman.

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