This explains the Divide in America

By:  Diane Benjamin

This story should explain why Tari Renner despises Clarence Thomas.

Thomas is black and successful.  Clarence proves being born poor and black in America does not mean you are doomed for life.  The same applies to Ben Carson and many other minorities who are living the American Dream because they worked hard and didn’t play the victim card.

The Town of Normal is involved in an event being held October 3rd and 4th at Heartland.  Is this event planned to keep minorities from prosperity by reinforcing their “victim-hood”.  This is supposedly a diversity event, diversity of thought however is not allowed.  

Below are parts of the agenda, note this is on the Town of Normal website:

Session 1: The History
Synopsis: Laws beginning in 1492 to 2018 that have highly impacted people of color in the United States. The idea of assimilating to white American culture to get along beginning with the Native Americans. The definition of who was considered an American according to law. The naturalization process by law was only allowed for whites immigrating to America. Why colorism became the identity of race (white/black), and the definition of black as defined by law (and white being defined using science).
Presenter: Chemberly Cummings

Session 2: What is Racism?
Synopsis: Identify and provide the definition of racism, levels of racism, white supremacy, white privilege, prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination. The theory of colorblindness and the reality of it being the highest form of racism. Racism is systematic and has intentional results of inequity. The difference between equity and equality. The difference between racism v. discrimination.
Presenter: Dr. Shamaine Bertrand

Afternoon session:

Session 2: Micro-Aggressions & Coded Language
Synopsis: What is coded language? What is dog whistle politics and how it has added to the coded language of “state’s rights”, “tough on crime”, “cutting taxes”, “no big government” and “patriotic”. Societal mindsets that are created through imagery and coded language (mugshots v. family photos, thug v. teen, drug problem v. epidemic and medical crisis)
Presenter: Chemberly Cummings

What do these session say about America? 

First, keep in mind a college is hosting this and a Town is involved.  Dr. Bertrand is employed by ISU.

Second, this isn’t a discussion or debate.  This “diversity” program will do exactly what they intend:  DIVIDE.  

Third:  How much are taxpayers being billed for this event?  Obviously Town staff was involved.

Fourth:  Since the topics presented are Democrat political talking points, why isn’t Chemberly Cummings’ campaign committee footing the bill?  She has announced she is running for a State office as a Democrat.

Will the Town of Normal, ISU, and Heartland hold an event promoting opposing points of view?  How about a debate between opposing points of view?  How about a symposium of the American Dream and how to achieve it?

Don’t hold your breath.

On the agenda:

Greetings – Mayor Chris Koos & Mayor Tari Renner (tentative)


16 thoughts on “This explains the Divide in America

  1. “Colorblindness and the reality that it is the highest form of racism.”
    So the town of Normal really thinks Martin Luther King jr. Is one of the greatest racists in American History?
    ” Judge not by the color of of ones skin, but by the content of their character.”

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  2. Only by continuing to pit races against races, people against people can the liberal elitist agenda be moved forward and keep the Democrats in power.

    If you have never experienced The Candace Owens Show you should take the time to watch this articulate intelligent young woman explain why she and an increasing number of people are leaving the Democratic plantation.

    Needless to say Candace would NOT be welcome at this farce of an event. They would most likely protest her presence and shout her down if she tried to speak.

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  3. Looks more like a MS CUMMINGS stump speech. Maybe she ought to get Bill Cosby to speak also. Farrakan, Jackson and Sharpton might even want a spot.
    You’re only a victim IF you let yourself be one.. Common sense comes into play. Kind of like Cummings 90% loan

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    1. Jim – I previously identified as a Democrat, but I have to tell you, it’s difficult for me to be associated with that party anymore, or any party for that matter. I know we have public officials who are trying to do GOOD out there, and truly believe in their community as well as spend taxpayer money judiciously and carefully, but it sure seems difficult these days to get more and more of those type of people in office. Maybe it’s time some of “us” go into office and represent the change that we want to see in our communities. I’m not sure what else is the answer — other than continue to hold those public officials accountable, and promote those that are doing the RIGHT thing. I don’t agree with everything stated on this blog, especially when people become childish and start name-calling or getting personal, but I understand it comes from people who are passionate and tired of being taken advantage of. I get it. What I do appreciate the level of transparency and information I get by reviewing this blog several times a day, and then taking the information and doing my own fact-checking. Without this site though, I would never know to do further research of my own.

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    2. I was a Democrat for 50 plus years for gods sake. I don’t even recognize my former party anymore and under no circumstances would I ever vote for these left wing socialist anti-American crazies again. Joe Biden and Elisabeth Warren are the front runners in their presidential primary? This is the best they have? The Democratic Party is done after the 2020 election cycle. They will no longer be a viable national party.

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  4. Is Ms. Cummings, Town Council Member, speaking for the Town of Normal? She is paid with tax dollars for her position to represent the community. Elected officials should be more mindful of their commentary.

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      1. A “Royal Fortress” shouldn’t have to explain or justify its existence. True strong women NEVER play the victim and therefore do not become the victim. Was she a victim of a loan-shark or is she a victim of her own poor choices? I believe it to be the latter.


  5. It is possible that the Democratic Party may implode or explode in 2020. Standing here on the sidelines,
    what concerns me is what would replace that party ? If the Dems win big in 2020, God help us.
    If another party develops, that too might mean, God help us all. This way I am still a Democrat.
    Show me better type of government than our current two party system and I shall listen.


    1. I too was a full blown Straight “D” voting Dem/leftist for decades, then, I was “red-pilled” shall we say about 10-11 years ago by ONE simple sentence from a person I respected highly – he said “You need to do some REAL research on some of these people, and I mean real research, not just stuff put out by partisan writers with an agenda” so I began doing that, and my God, it does take some time, some serious wading through when you research and then have to research the writers and THEIR connections and funding (yes following the money is still a good rule to use) but in the end your eyes become opened and you are fully awake – NOT “woke”.
      In some ways, my eyes started opening even farther back when I was told by another person I respect immensely, “First, you have to understand, that “Green” is really “Red”, they have taken the word green as a way to lure in the kind hearted and those who love nature and animals and the like, but make no mistake, they are socialists and communists with the exact same goals” ” I had asked her about the “Greens in Europe and their leftist leanings and were they “ok” or not – needless to say, they are NOT OK.
      I truly don’t care what happens to the Democrat party to be honest, they need GONE IMO, they are basically just Socialists now, pretty much full blown. I would like them to become as insignificant as many of the other “also rans” who manage to garner maybe 1/2 of 1% of the vote, and I would also like that to carry on for many many years until the damage can be fixed, the damage they have done is deep. Perhaps a return of the “Old Democrat” party such as the party of say John F. Kennedy, would be ok, But The AOCs, The Nancy Pelosis, the “Fat Jerry” Nadlers, the Adam Schiffs, the Auntie Maxines,the Bill DeBlasios etc, along with the fledglings such as the “Tarry” Renners, the Chemberley Cummingses, the Sonny Garcias, and the Jenn Carillos, need to slink back into the woodwork and carry on their “struggle” in powerless and relative anonymity until enough people have been truly awakened to what they REALLY are. I also don’t care what happens to the “Never-Trumper” types, they are of the same species only they try to appear as if they are a different bird, or at least, they used to, their disguises have also thankfully slipped. I’m not sure what will replace the Democrats, but hopefully it’s nothing worse.

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      1. The modern Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln rose out of the ashes of the Wig Party. Like I said before, this current democratic party and their extreme leftist members/candidates do not in any way represent mainstream Americans. This upcoming election in 2020 will make this painfully obvious when President Trump and a large number of republican congressional candidates are swept into office in a landslide of historic proportions.

        The party of FDR and JFK is now looking to run Joe Biden or Elisabeth Warren as their presidential candidates? Yes, this is the best they can bring forward to lead our great nation into the 21st Century. It is both pathetic and sad that my former party has moved so far to the left and so far into the crazy zone that I can’t even bare to watch or listen to them.

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    2. In the end, better government is only possible with better ‘governors’. The best and easiest way to achieve that is to minimize the opportunities for corruption. The founding fathers did a very good job of that, but what they put in place has since been corrupted, plus they missed a couple things. Sadly, those who have power will not give it up willingly, which will make any base-level reform impossible. The US is doomed imo, just a question of whether we get worst case of about a decade or we can get Some reforms/reformers in place and push that out as much as a century or more.

      What’s needed?
      – Equitable ballot access laws. They vary by state, but in IL a Dem/Repub needs 5K signatures to get on the ballot while a Libertarian can collect 60K+ and still not get on. The requirement should probably be somewhere in between, but should definitely be equal. (Last I checked IL was in the middle of the pack as far as equitable ballot access.)
      – Approval voting (aka acceptance voting). Too many people pick ‘the lesser of two evils’ because usually nobody else can win. Of the various candidates, you vote for any and all you would approve of. You can pick ‘Chris’ or ‘anybody But Chris’ or whoever agrees with you on your one bigest issue, or whatever other criteria you decide should apply. Now All candidates are potential winners, which means the big two will stop fielding party hacks because if they’re both bad, a Libertarian or Green or even an Independent has a viable chance of taking the office.
      – Redistricting reform (ending gerrymandering). Redistricting should be a non-partisan effort where the map with the shortest total boundaries, possibly subject to some weighting to encourage following town/county/etc boundaries, is selected, not one that provides maximum advantage to whichever party happens to be in power at the time.
      – *Minimize* *Government*. When a gov’t budget is measured in the tens of billions, or even in the trillions, it’s quite likely any bribes, propaganda, vote tampering, etc any corrupt influences apply can give them a oood ‘return on investment’. Even siphoning off even a tenth of a percent is millions of dollars, and it’s likely to continue for years if not decades. Those budgets can sometimes be cut by up to 90%, drastically reducing the incentive and opportunity for corruption.
      – There are some others, but those are the biggest ones…


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