Chicago logic

By:  Diane Benjamin

The comment below was made by a person with an IP address in Chicago:

justice for George


  1. MLK was opposed to violence of any kind.  He trained the protesters who walked with him not to respond to anyone harassing them.  If any got arrested for failing to follow his instructions he refused to bail them out of jail.  Nice job taking him out of context.  MLK dreamed of a color-blind society.  Today people are called racists for not seeing color.
  2. Democrats have ruled Chicago forever.  I thought using the word Negro was racist, are you a racist?
  3. If minorities are not being heard in Chicago quit voting for democrats!
  4. Minorities had the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years until a few months ago.  Think it wasn’t on purpose the Illinois democrats destroyed the economy?  Unless minorities are dependent on government handouts they fear you will discover you don’t need them.  Try freedom for a change!
  5. If you want to blame Trump, why don’t you tell me what Obama did for minorities – other than make them feel like victims?  Did he do prison reform?  Did he have a blooming economy?
  6. Why are you entitled to other people’s stuff?  That is what social justice is – take for one and give it to somebody who didn’t earn it.
  7. Violence means nobody cares what you think.  We are a country of laws, looters have no credibility.
  8. If you want justice, why are the inner city Chicago kids in failing schools?  Why aren’t parents camped out at Lightfoot’s office to demand school choice?  People of any means in Chicago don’t have their kids in public schools.  Do you realize the cycle of poverty continues from generation to generation because those kids have no education and therefore no hope?
  9. Does Black Lives Matter care about the blacks killing each other and innocent people on the streets in Chicago?  Obviously the Democrats don’t or they would fix it.
  10. If this country is so evil, why do people from around the world want to move here?

Being a victim is a choice.

By choosing to remain on the democrat plantation you allow them to abuse you.

Remember Biden claiming if blacks don’t vote for him they aren’t black?

(What it meant was STAY IN YOUR PLACE)

The rest of us are out working to take care of our families, there is no “privilege”.  Nobody gets handed anything (unless your last name is Pritzker).

Remain a victim if you want, it will get you nothing.


8 thoughts on “Chicago logic

  1. Black Lives Don’t Matter when a man who gave his LIFE to the community is gunned down because some punk wanted free stuff. Black Lives Don’t Matter when your “community” could have cared less about a security guard with 8 children being gunned down for doing his job. By other black men, mind you. Black Lives Don’t Matter when you loot stores that employ the very people you claim to care about.

    You’re a hypocrite, and I’m pretty sure a racist as well. You can take your lecturing elsewhere because I, and many others, aren’t listening to your racist dog whistles and your race baiting any more.

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  2. The voter turnout for the most recent Mayor election in Chicago was among the lowest in mayoral elections in Chicago. The schools are among the worst in the Country and the number of shootings are among the highest. Simple question. If the citizens in Chicago want change why do so many not bother to vote. The mayor controls the school budget and appoints the school board members. The only way to change Chicago is to elect a non-Democrat who has the qualifications to be a great Mayor. Chicago has been Controlled by the Democrats for 90 years. Last I heard 49 of 50 Chicago Alderpersons are Democrats. Chicago also needs to vote non-Democrats for Alderpersons .

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