Proof Normal knew

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember the property taxes Normal paid Monday night that Pam Reece, Brian Day, and Chris Koos  couldn’t explain – or didn’t want to?

The parking lot at 100-104 Beaufort is part of the Trail East project.  From the Trail East documentation:

trail east property taxesTrail east property taxes 2

A link to the above is not included on purpose, there will be another story on Trail East with links.

A couple things about the above:

  • The Town knew they shouldn’t have been paying property taxes on these parcels but have been paying them for years anyway
  • Town attorney Brian Day dodged questions from Stan Nord about the property taxes on 2 parcels in One Normal Plaza.  The above states properties publicly owned are tax exempt.  Normal pays property taxes on them anyway.

These people negotiate deals that cost taxpayers 10’s of millions of dollars but can’t file the proper paperwork to exempt property the Town owns from property taxes?

How much faith do you have in their ability to negotiate multi-million dollar deals favorable to taxpayers?  Would anybody build in Uptown without free land, TIF subsidies, and Sales Tax rebates?

Is forcing development with subsidies good for taxpayers?  As of 3/31/2019 the Town had debt of $88,090,580, only $1,732,706 was retired.  We won’t know the 3/31/2020 numbers for months yet.  Keep in mind the Town is only paying interest on many bonds.

Understand Limited Government yet?

They made a plan and then work the plan.  Taxpayers get the bills.



6 thoughts on “Proof Normal knew

  1. If you were to ask me if there was one thing that I liked about Chris Koos, I would pause and then reply, “Uhh, no. Nope. Nada. Sorry can’t think of anything.”

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  2. I would really like to know why they want to pay the property tax:
    1 They are incompetent. They just forgot to file the paperwork. (as you have shown they knew it was exempt).
    2. They don’t care if they are wasting tax payer money
    3. It’s some kind of deal they made to funnel money to some taxing body.
    None of these reasons are good. We will probably never know. Can’t wait until April 2021!!

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  3. UPtown tax increases, SIGNED sealed AND delivered! This HAS to be one of the MOST corrupt “villages” in the country. and WHEN it all hits the fan. I hope they wind up playing checkers with Rita Crumwell!
    Film at 11! And I’d STAY UP FOR THAT!

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