Normal won’t care about your opinion, but they want it anyway

By:  Diane Benjamin

New Front Page on the Town of Normal website:

front page

See the top right hand corner.  Clicking there will take you to a short survey.

Hint:  Stop building vanity projects with taxpayer money and NONE OF THE ABOVE are not potential answers.

Koos and company are rushing to find the money to build the underpass before they get thrown out of office next year.  Your opinion doesn’t matter, the underpass is in the Plan.

As Kathleen Lorenz famously says over and over, we make the Plan and then Work the Plan.

Nothing is allowed to stop progress.

(Not even COVID revenue losses)



10 thoughts on “Normal won’t care about your opinion, but they want it anyway

  1. Wow, read the survey. It only has 6 question. Yes, 6 questions on a multi-million dollar project. I have more questions about hemorrhoids than these people do about continuous spending. They allow zero input and opinions…that means the decision to build has already been made. Very typical survey that many Municipalities/entities i.e. Connect Transit use. I gotta get out of this community. Just done with these local officials continuing to build THEIR legacy pieces and hook up their Crap Bag cronies along the way, and I get the bill. My wages have not increased nearly as fast as they increase my cost of living in Normal. Mind equals blown.

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    1. Actually, they messed up. Everyone SHOULD fill out the survey, but make sure you Do Not Check ANY of the boxes for questions 4 or 5. In that way we can give them survey results like ‘3000 responses indicate that 5 pedestrians and 13 cyclists will use the underpass, and 23 people will appreciate the expensive additional artwork’!

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      1. If history holds the court, they won’t get enough people to respond to even merit a minimum random sample. All they do is encourage their cohorts to fill out the survey numerous times and leave cards or leaflets at places their friends frequent to skew real public opinion. It doesn’t matter anyway, it’s a done deal. The voting public was really listened to when it came to the arena ( Excuse me, it was non-binding.) The Elitist Clique wins again and again and again.

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  2. Koos and Co have must have found a bottomless pit of money. Wait…the taxpayer’s wallet is their bottomless pit.

    They keep spending on their wants and ignoring the needs. Taxes here are high, roads suck (Unless you’re in Uptown), SF is downsizing, higher paying jobs are becoming harder to find, Covid is killing businesses and every time Normal is mentioned they are spending more money they don’t have on shit we don’t need.

    Someone should tell this bunch of entitled nitwits college is going virtual and the non-ISU crowd are tired of the endless spending and debt accumulation. The underpass is to appease the biker friends of Koos.

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  3. We can whine all day about the deceptive, inept spendthrifts that infect the Normal political class, but as long as 80% of the residents are to lazy/stupid to vote, this is what taxpayers get. What I do appreciate is Ms. Benjamin’s unabated efforts to show taxpayers the incompetence that exists within the Koos administration as well as the political class in general.

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  4. Before the King is booted out he is going to get all of his pet projects so far along it will cost too much to back out.

    Now I am jealous of Bloomington, they already learned their lesson with the colosseum.

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  5. uptown needs an underpass like rivian needs a billion dollars worth of upgrades..
    Lipstick on a pig!
    I say LET koos build the underpass on the condition that IF the the project goes over budget, it comes out of HIS ESTATE in perpetuity!

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