Rivian lawsuit #2

By: Diane Benjamin

After I posted the Rivian video story I was contacted by an employment lawyer in California. He has filed one lawsuit against Rivian and has another one in the works.

Previous story: https://blnnews.com/2020/08/19/anybody-asking-rivian-questions/

This is information only, until this case runs it’s course the facts presented have to be considered conjecture. See the amended filing:

The lawsuit has some of the same allegations Tesla made in their lawsuit, but it also has new details.

Start with the guy who filed this lawsuit had worked for Rivian since 2018 and that he is Canadian. I do know local people have been asking questions about Rivian hiring from out of the country, I heard Europe. Some suspect the $1 million Rivian let Normal keep was to quiet these talks, of course nobody locally will confirm that.

The Plaintiff was a Senior Development Engineer. Rivian fired him in March 2020.

I have been getting “alerts” on Rivian for awhile. Every story mentioning them is emailed to me. I’ve seen numerous stories on this one: https://robbreport.com/motors/cars/rivian-r1t-long-way-up-camera-truck-2942537/

Most of the stories praised Rivan’s pickup truck for a filmed 13,000 trip from Patagonia to Los Angeles. The lawsuit alleges facts not in any of the stories.

Interesting quotes:

PDF page 8;

PDF page 9:

PDF page 10:

Read more details at the bottom of PDF page 10 and following, fraud is alleged.

The Rivian vehicles were not featured in this documentary, they were support vehicles. This will air on September 18 on Apple TV. It will be interesting to see if any of the allegations in this lawsuit make the show.

Keep in mind, right now this is only a lawsuit, not proven facts. The amended suit was just filed, it will take time to adjudicate.

I don’t have Apple TV, if you do please watch and report!






10 thoughts on “Rivian lawsuit #2

  1. OMG… this is not good. Looks like we have some cheats and liars at Rivian? It is too bad that Koos and company couldn’t pick up on the obvious lies and falsehoods that Rivian was peddling FROM THE BEGINNING?

    It’s not like he wasn’t warned?

    And his response and the response of his posse to this day is?

    The Naysayers don’t want Rivian to be successful so don’t listen to them at all.


  2. If it takes 10 years to build a prototype vehicle and another 2 – 3 years to market (not on market yet), the technology used would be obsolete by market time. How is that deemed success? Normal got suckered in giving Rivian cash.

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  3. Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise. 100% agree, Diane. And while I’ve been critical of Rivian from the beginning, I really really really want to be proven wrong. But, this is very disconcerting, to say the least. Hope someone with Apple TV can give us a review of the special.

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  4. Knowing local media and politicos look at this blog daily, how long will it take for a local story to be seen, published or heard? How long will it take before you get a comment from a local official? Don’t give me the ” it’s on litigation so we can’t comment” lame line either. All types of questions should have been asked in public forums of these people knowing their track record of moving from state to state and using taxpayer money at every stop. The local brain trusts were so worried about filling the vacant plant that they would have and did take the first offer. Without knowing anything about Rivian, it’s leadership or manufacturing in general, they were only to happy to publicly spike the ball while still on their own one-yard line. What a bunch of simpleton putz’s that know little to nothing about anything. I have long said the value of Rivian would be known if they lasted as long as Mitsubishi. I’m pulling back on my timeline.

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  5. All the Koos Posse would have needed was ONE person with an automotive production background who could have asked the questions that needed to be ask from the beginning, these Rivian jokers would not be here. Perhaps a REAL car company would now be actually making vehicles by now? Who knows – we will never know because we had a bunch of (never-worked-a-day-in-their-lives) socialist elites buy the lies and BS of Rivian like 5 year olds in a candy store.

    Elections matter

    Electing clueless socialist elites means disaster for any community.

    Vote like your future and the future of your kids depend on it…. because it does!

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    1. Just found this site and love reading your comments. Wonder if your tone would change if you knew how many vehicles have shipped out of the building without you even knowing about it 🙂


  6. Love all the comments and perspectives. However, no one one gets off the hook for ignorance. I submit that these socialist communists know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Just like obbamma knew exactly what he was doing when he funneled a boat load of cash to Solyndra (failed solar panel company.) This Rivian deal is the same thing. A way to funnel cash to one of they’re own. Trust me. They knew exactly what they were getting into.
    I wonder, though, if the other “investors” like Ford and Amazon were suckered pawns or if they knew too. .

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