Pam Reece drops the hammer on employees

By: Diane Benjamin

Since Chris Koos has been dictating to citizens without any input from your elected officials, didn’t you already think the Town of Normal employees were required to wear masks at work?

Evidently not. Remember why the shutdown happened? It was to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed. It was never to keep people from getting sick, especially when more than 98% recover. Maybe Pam is terrified of the ISU kids testing positive. (most not getting very sick)

I wonder how the staff feels about Pam’s latest, of course Pritzker is the culprit not her. Reece claims her edict is based on what the governor did effective May 1st! (She sent this August 31st to all employees, no rush to comply)

Masks must be free from inappropriate and offensive designs. Does that include Black Lives Matter? Biden for President?

I wonder if the employees will be voting for Koos next April? Tyranny finally hit them, maybe they will vote from freedom instead.

11 thoughts on “Pam Reece drops the hammer on employees

  1. The Exec Order she uses as authority has been ruled unconstitutional and void by Illinois courts.
    It has no legal authority.
    Her requirement that masks be worn is as invalid and as unlawful as any of Pritzkers and anyone else’s other rules requiring masks.

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  2. So you have to wear a mask while smoking?

    Hopefully people will get pictures of town employees not wearing masks. We need to see if Pam caves or if her threats are idle. Either way it will not work well for her relations with her employees.

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    1. I like the way you think. Smoking kills more people every year than Covid-19 will kill this year. Are we shutting the tobacco companies down for the sake of everyone’s health? No. So what is the real reason for shutting things down supposedly to fight Covid-19?

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  3. In a recently released report in the New York Post, the CDC admitted that only six percent of all U.S. Covid deaths were from Covid alone. Let that sink in. The rest were a result of pre-existing conditions or other illnesses. What it tells us is that most people dying from Covid are not that healthy to begin with. Serious illness to be sure but seldom deadly all by itself.

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  4. So Koos mandated masks in all businesses in Normal under threat of fines, but government employees didn’t have the mandate? Double-standard much Koos? This is why we don’t trust our elected officials.

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  5. Arguing about mask mandates is the equivalent of arguing about the deck chairs on the Titanic. Normal and more acutely Uptown are bleeding taxpayer money. Koos bet on Uptown, putting $100 million on the taxpayer credit card to fund government offices, shops, restaurants, and hotels that he and the Politburo approved. Rent is largely subsidized and tenants were chosen based on political connections and ideology, not open market fit. These businesses can’t make it on their own without government, even before COVID closures/distancing rules. Pamela and Koos have time to issue memos and grandstand about their power to break up parties and fine people and businesses, but not to address the larger economic issues. To all the local townies that said Uptown was better than doing nothing with the area and not to look at the price, what do you think now? On a positive note, there’s plenty of social distancing in the restaurant space at 1 Uptown Circle.

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