UPDATE: ISU Black Athletes Boycott

ISU has released a plan for social change! http://www.videtteonline.com/sports/illinois-state-releases-action-plan-for-social-change-in-response-to-athlete-boycott/article_80feef42-ebb2-11ea-a80e-db89545107d9.html?fbclid=IwAR2rk9FyaZB7wZw_nQHqTngKMG3YybfZvMkJyLLOHCN0meOpY6qeVrcoQpo


By: Diane Benjamin

ISU President Dietz declared ISU is a Social Justice University. https://blnnews.com/2020/06/02/dietz-social-justice-is-an-isu-priority/

Athletics Director Larry Lyons proclaimed he’s all in too: https://blnnews.com/2020/08/04/did-isus-larry-lyons-become-a-social-justice-warrior/

What neither understand is caving to progressives never ends. Hand them one victory they will want 5 more things. When they get those 10 more will be on the list.

Social Justice is nothing more than taking from some people and giving it to others who didn’t earn it. The pandering of Dietz and Lyons has lead to this from Twitter:

See the last 2 lines above. The black student athletes are boycotting something, they don’t say what. Playing? Are any playing now or are all sports shut down? As stated above, the demands will continue no matter what action is taken.

How many of these black athletes are on scholarship? How many appreciate it? If you read the thread on Twitter they think racism is systemic. Nobody mentions a black president was elected twice and not by black people. Systemic racism is a myth.

Why do the ISU athletes support the BLM Marxist corporation? Seminars actually reading the BLM website should be required.

Dietz, Lyons, and much of the staff in the athletics department are setting the stage for campus violence by pandering to those just jumping on the latest fad.

Can they put this jeanie back in the bottle? Doubtful.






24 thoughts on “UPDATE: ISU Black Athletes Boycott

  1. You must have forgot all the racist tropes leveled at Obama both before and after he was elected/re-elected. The guy you support for President is a birther. Funny, I have never heard you make a peep about how that. I guess it is only racist when a Democrat or a Republican you don’t like does it, huh?

    You sound like one of the people who criticized MLK’s marches, “Give ‘em an inch, they will take a mile.”

    1. As someone who is old enough to remember watching MLK deliver his message of civility and hope, YOU dishonor him, his ideas and his legacy with your lies and leftist propagandized world view. Shame on you, MLK would reject you and your insanity.

    2. It was actually Hillary Clinton who began the “birther” stuff. But facts don’t matter to liberals, of which you sound like a typical one.

    3. Donuthole: Obama, Soetoro or whatever name he goes by these days was the author of racial division along with his his A G. Holder who was a known race-baiter during his days at Columbia. Bari decided to double-down on his race divide and conquer strategy with the book he didn’t write claiming Kenyan descent. That is what really got the ball rolling along with the obvious phoney Hawaii birth certificate. I believe to this day the dude really doesn’t know who is real daddy is. Only his radical white mommy knows for sure but she did so many she may have not known for sure. He was likely birthed in the USA the spawn of a well known black political radical. That said, no one will ever know for sure that the one or two that may are likely burning in Hell.

  2. I’ve got two year old twin boys. In many years past, I always considered ISU a third tier university, behind state flagship schools like UI, and those behind the Ivy League schools. ISU was always where the people go who couldn’t make the UI or Ivy League schools went to school. And for the record, I’m a UIUC grad.

    More recently, I’d met Dietz and some others and had an increasingly positive view of ISU. So much so that I considered steering my boys to Redbird land.

    NOT ANY MORE. ISU, thanks to Dietz’s leadership, is on fairly solid ground financially, unlike many (most?) universities. So unlike many colleges and universities, they’ll probably be around in twenty years. But my kids won’t be there.

    F ISU. I want my kids to get a first-class education, not “social justice” indoctrination.

    And F you Dietz. You’re a spineless bureaucrat with low-T. But you sure can kneel down and navel gaze to BLM Marxists and social justice “warriors.”

    1. All of higher education is being disrupted. ISU will not be spared. The question is: What will the state do with all the buildings on the ISU Campus?

      Unless it is a specific field that currently needs an in-person educational experience or a highly hands on/technical field, a four year college degree is worthless. In fact, it may be actually harmful for the future success of students.

    2. Got news for you, your kids will get social justice indoctrination no matter where they go and that includes the U of I. The U of I football and basketball teams are loaded with SJW’s along with their coaches. They marched to the police station yesterday yelling the familiar BLM chants. This stuff is the new du jour operation among all college athletes. If you truly despise it, give up your season tickets and tell them all to pound sand. As an aside, I know three ISU- educated spouses that out earn their U of I educated life partners two to one and more. Depends on what you study I guess not where.

      1. We’ll see if the US Army is still around by then. Maybe they can get the education they need there, while fighting godless communists and totalitarian barbarians in their spare time.

  3. I believe it is all athletes boycotting. It is their right to boycott. However, it is also the right of the university decision-makers (administrators/coaches) whether or not to pull scholarships for those receiving financial aid.

    Perhaps the easiest thing to do is for AD Lyons to retire and that will probably help things along for both sides. They would need to name an outside party the interim AD though, as it does not appear anyone internal is even remotely qualified.

    I do not think the athletes thought through their positions; some are achievable and others aren’t so much. For example, are they willing to have their scholarships and sports budgets cut to increase the pay to attract the candidates they want? Are they willing to have their budgets cut to terminate and buy out the contracts of people they want replaced?

  4. Yank their scholarships. Attending college free because you can run, jump and toss a ball while others pay for your entitlement then not playing due to racism is hypocrisy at its finest. Nice work children!

  5. Funny how this is ALL about the demo-rat party losing the black vote which has traditionally been a shoe-in for them. As the mayor of Bloomington recently said about Clarence Thomas, “he sure doesn’t behave like an African American from my perspective!” And what Tari’s perspective? A DEMOCRAT.

    Democrats are pandering like mad to get those votes back, even offering blacks the opportunity to take over the country on their terms (which democrats would never, ever let happen, the democrat party is the party of the KKK and Jim Crowe). The jig is up and they’re terrified.

  6. I don’t need ISU athletics. I do need police. The University of Illinois coaches are marching lock step with the BLM movement. Can you blame them? Would you risk losing your million dollar a year salary?

  7. Bad link in story.

    Correct link (at least for me): http://www.videtteonline.com/sports/illinois-state-releases-action-plan-for-social-change-in-response-to-athlete-boycott/article_80feef42-ebb2-11ea-a80e-db89545107d9.html

    And I’ll now add attending ANY ISU athletic event to my “won’t do” list. The only problem that creates for me is, “Whatever will I do with that extra free time and a few extra dollars in my pocket?” Somehow I think I’ll manage. Maybe I’ll take the boys out for ice cream instead as they get older.

    Keep it up, ISU, and I’ll add Gamma Phi circus to the “will not patronize” list. That’s about the only thing I’ll be participating in right now. My wife (an ISU alum) probably won’t be participating in any alumni “engagement” activities either – including donations to the association.

    Today’s lesson in Econ 099 (remedial economics) for ISU Admin: Get woke, go broke.

  8. Again, Dietz likely encouraged Lyons on the first misstep sending out the email letter to his athletes going all in on BLM and suggesting all cops were murderers of black people. That likely p.o. ed some others that didn’t see it that way and he attempted to walk it back with the feeble all lives matter that made his black coaches and athletes mad. For me, let them all do what they want because me and a lot of others are sick of it all. I have no intention of ever attending another pro or college athletic event ever again. My money can be better spent elsewhere. They all should have lived during a world war or spent some time in a concentration camp to know what real injustice was.

  9. Turning the other cheek once in a while might be what the good Lord preached about but bending over and spreading both cheeks was never a part of His direction. They can take their out of control violent and hateful social just-us rhetoric and stick up their own areas of whatever happens to be yearning. America is the land of freedom, liberty, and opportunity, not the land of BLM and Antifa. Thank goodness more people are waking up to the insanity of the lunatic left. Red wave in November.

  10. If I was Dietz I would take their ideas to the extreme. Perhaps the basketball team needs more white, Asian and Hispanic players. And percentage of them needs to to be gay or transgendered.

  11. OK here is the thing: We are supposed to have systemic racism correct? And systemic racism is racism that is embedded in the SYSTEM right?

    It would be logical to assume that embedding racism in the system after the 8 long years of Obama would take some time?

    So in less than 3 and 1/2 years, President Trump has been able to embed racism in our systems by radically changing them somehow?

    President Trump made our systems racist? In 3 and 1/2 years?

    So even if you actually are able to find some systemic racism (you wont):

    1. Why did 8 years of a BLACK president not eliminate all systemic racism?
    2. Why is President Trump responsible for the racism that Obama must have tolerated?


    1. There is no systemic racism and Obama knows it.
    2. The Democratic Left is just using race as yet another club to pummel the President with.

    FYI to low information Black Americans: Antifa, BLM and Democrats are using you has a political cudgel to grab power. They don’t care about you.

  12. Higher education is so far removed from the real world. Dietz folded like a lawn chair. It started with the floor in Waterson Tower. As predicted, it didn’t end there. Now a list of demands that ends with “This list is not final.” Wow! Here’s a clue Dietz, the list won’t end until you stand up to this extortion. Maybe after enrollment plunges, he’ll find his spine.

  13. So they are at ISU because of their athletic abilities not their “brain” abilities.

    ISU is paying for their education because of their athletic abilities not their “brain” abilities.

    So now they put out a list of “demands” with a boycott of what they are being paid to do?

    This is exactly why they are not being paid for their “brain” abilities.

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