Update: 2 things ISU might not want you to see

By: Diane Benjamin

Susan Kalter:

Hopefully this is the last story about Susan Kalter. See all previous stories here: https://blnnews.com/2020/09/16/isu-did-susan-kalter-lie/

I made a final attempt to determine if Kalter was lying about being told by an ISU lawyer the All Facility meeting didn’t have to comply with the Open Meetings Act. I was told she informed supporters there were no documents because she spoke with the attorney over ZOOM.

I received this answer to my latest FOIA request:

NO videos exist, previously I received NO emails (even redacted) to support claims by Kalter. Therefore I can say nothing supports claims Kalter has made about being told the All Facility meeting did not have to comply with the Open Meetings Act.

Members should be asking her to supply proof, there is none that currently exists according to numerous FOIA’s.

An ISU student sent me the following:

“My philosophy of education professor sent this message to us this morning and I thought that more people needed to see it. #NoJusticeNoPeace

Below is a quote from Barack Obama’s Education Secretary, it was included. It explains how ISU became a Social Justice university. Parents probably think they are paying for an education so their kid can succeed in life. They aren’t.

“Great teaching is about so much more than education; it is a daily fight for social justice.” – Arne Duncan

This is the message the professor sent, he wants students to dwell decades in the past while ignoring actual facts and today’s circumstances. Yes history has some appalling incidents, but this country constantly strives to achieve “a more perfect union”. I wonder if this professor ever discusses progress instead of dwelling in the long past. I asked for the professor’s name, so far I don’t have it.

A reader identified this person as the likely professor based on who is teaching this semester and the reference to Oklahoma

12 thoughts on “Update: 2 things ISU might not want you to see

  1. Think about this. Do the students actually learn some skill or process that will help them after this course. Bitching is not teaching. It is an example of indoctrination. Between the fake pandemic and constant harping on negative topics its no wonder the suicide rate is up.

  2. It’s very clear that the riots, looting, and destruction that occurred in Kenosha were not the result of any Police escalation. Rather, when the National Guard showed up, the riots, looting and destruction soon ended.

    Breona Taylor was the victim of an unfortunate exchange of gunfire between her boyfriend and police…nothing more. Police were just doing their jobs. The one officer that shot randomly was rightly fired and charged his his wanton disregard for life. That’s they way it’s supposed to be handled.

    1. Taylor’s death was tragic only in the fact she chose to hang out with a boyfriend who was involved in drugs and shootings. The sound of her voice on police tapes playing “middle girl” for her friend’s illegal activities should be all the proof anyone needs the gal was her own worst enemy. She was killed upright, in a hallway and not lying on a mattress either. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      1. Kenneth Walker had no criminal record and is not known to be a drug user. He was exercising his 2nd amendment rights, believing the apartment was being invaded. Apparently, he and Taylor had dated for years, but wasn’t living with her. He happened to be spending the night that night. Things would have been very different had he not been there.

  3. ISU is fast becoming a cesspool of critical race theory bull(crap).

    A couple of things:
    1. Why were radical leftist feminists outside of Hollywood all beaten with the ugly stick as children and adults?
    2. How many jobs has this hack had outside of education?
    3. Why doesn’t she take this song and dance to Englewood?
    4. How many #FREETHEHOMIES has she taken into her home? (#FREETHEHOMIES advocates the release of all prisoners)

    Lastly: This election will be determined by turnout. If you don’t go vote, you WILL lose not only at the top, but downticket races as well.

    Encourage your like-minded friends to go vote.

    Don’t worry about the college kids. Barely 5%, if that, actually cast ballots. Yeah, I know that the political advocates claim that they are “more motivated than ever to vote” but I’ve heard that probably ten times in my life… about every four years. And you know what? Sometimes only 2% of them still vote. In other words, they couldn’t give a s***.

  4. I am SURE AS HELL GLAD to be out out of ISU and not having to deal with this kind of propaganda BS. I just CANNOT believe that the university lets people go on an endless diatribe of their own on such issues.
    This is NOT education, this IS BRAINWASHING or basically a Nazi propaganda minister at their best, I’m sorry IF I sound alarmed, but WE ALL SHOULD BE.
    I thought it was bad enough arguing about abortion in philosophy class, but THIS is over the top/

  5. ISU and other colleges are failing in their primary mission to educate our students and prepare them for life after college. How can their administrators and professors continue to post unsubstantiated statements about what really happens and not be reigned in, yet let a coach go for saying all lives matter. They are becoming “fake” colleges and universities.

  6. First of all, if you are going to write an article, make sure you get your own facts straight. An ISU student *did not* send this to you. You went out and looked for it. Also, leaving in the student information and making them identifiable was wrong. Secondly, ISU is a University in which students can go to in order to succeed in their lives. Reading your article brings legitimate rage inside of me. By reaching into history and as you stated, “dwelling” on decades in the past, it helps us better understand the current climate of today’s circumstances. We can not ever reach this “more perfect union” you speak of without fixing and repairing the damage that was done in the past first. Personally, I think the message sent out by this professor was incredible and moving. She did an outstanding job at giving real facts and insight to what is happening in today’s world and even gave a link to voter registration to encourage others to get out and vote. The professor also said and I quote, “I’d also like to suggest you take in many sources of news on this crisis”, meaning she is encouraging students to do research and make up their own minds on the matter. Again and I quote “Look at the evidence before you make up your minds”. This professor should be proud of her statement as well as the students she is encouraging. Well done. As to whoever wrote this article, I feel sorry for you.

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