By: Diane Benjamin

Last stats from the CDC:

Cases 8,248,612

Deaths 223,070

US population 330,000,000

That means only 2.5% of the population has tested positive. We are currently testing over 1 million people a day.

It also means that only 2.7% of those who tested positive have died.

Joe Biden is campaigning on COVID. He claims the President doesn’t have a plan. Maybe Joe should tell people how we are doing compared to the rest of the world. (Hint: He won’t)

I took these stats from CDC reports. Google “cdc coronavirus update”. (I use Duck Duck Go because they don’t track me)

You will find a really long list of countries with cases and deaths. I copied, pasted, and sorted them on a spreadsheet. You have to get to the second page to find the United States. The stats of 60 other countries are worse than the United States:

If you have a brain you should be wondering why kids aren’t in school and large parts of the economy are still shut down.

Predicted death rates – scenario 5 from the CDC

0-19 years: 0.00003
20-49 years: 0.0002
50-69 years: 0.005
70+ years: 0.054

The other scenarios aren’t much different.

We now understand this disease and have treatments. A vaccine will be available soon (in record time).

2020 has turned into a Trick instead of a Treat.

Protect yourself, by now you know how. Get back to living and demand others do too.

Turn off the big media. They are trying to scare you into voting for democrats.

18 thoughts on “COVID FACTS

  1. I like how the “demonrats” tell EVERYONE to mask up, etc, yet when you get to rural areas and states, no one even bothers with a mask!
    What would Dr F say about this? He’s a BIG part of the PROBLEM!


      1. So you’re comparing the United States to Yemen? Why not Vietnam? Or Taiwan? What about an actual 1st world country which followed the science like Germany? Germany has had 437,866 cases,10,056 deaths. Germany has 2.3% fatality rate of and 12.1 deaths per 10,000 population.

        The United States has had 8,154,594 cases, 223,070 deaths 2.7% fatality rate, and 67.14 deaths per 100,000 per population.

        The fact that you think that “only” 2.7 percent of the U.S. population has died is something to be proud of is beyond bizarre. Germany has been able keep deaths down to 10,000 and 12 deaths per 100,000 versus United States’ 67 deaths per 100,000.

        If this country had acted aggressively locking down the entire country and had universal testing, contact tracing and strict isolation of the sick and infected we be in a better place both with lower deaths and the half economic damage. You also act as if those 230,000 dead is no big deal. Those deaths are equal to war dead and approaching the 500,000 mark by the end of this pandemic. The handling of this pandemic has been a massive failure of national leadership. From the beginning the Trump administration has grossly mismanaged and botched this crisis. 223,000 dead and counting did not have to happened. That you’re trying to deflect blame by pointing to other countries is a piss poor defense. There is absolutely no excuse for the United States inadequate criminal response to COV-19.


      2. Heard what’s happening in Germany now? All of Europe? Virus is back and they are shutting down again. How many people have to die from reasons other than covid before we decide to live with it while protecting ourselves and the most vulnerable?

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  2. I know new cases are spiking around the world. It’s a top story every day. But what we’re not hearing anything about is a big surge in deaths. Yes, people are still dying, but not at the rate as in the early days of the pandemic. I don’t have actual stats to back that up. It’s just an observation that I find very curious.

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    1. If you dig through our very own McLean County numbers, early on we had 15 deaths out of 300 cases – 5%. As of like a week ago when I crunched the numbers, since that point we’ve seen less than 0.5%. Whether the virus is becoming less deadly, we have better treatments, or most of those who were most susceptible have already gotten it, this is no longer a big deal unless you’re over 70 or have other health factors (or usually Both). Just an excuse to prolong Pritzger’s Destroy Illinois Plan until at least after the election.

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      1. 13 of the nearly 40 Covid-19 related deaths in McLean County came from a single nursing home on South Main in Bloomington. Most, if not all, deaths had co-morbidity due to underlying medical issues.

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  3. Top demonrat in ILLannoy JB Prickster is going to lock it down again. I guess his man crush Madigan told him it’ll make it easier to steal the election if people are afraid to go out. Still, red wave is a comin’.

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  4. Covid is a terrible disease people are dying and it appears that there is no end in site. However the numbers ? two individuals went to get tested out at the fairgrounds several weeks ago they left when they found out that the wait was going to be several hours a week later they both received a notice that they tested positive, they were never tested. Does this make the news, no but it sure makes you wonder if the numbers being reported are accurate.

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  5. Illinois
    Population – 2.8 million
    Nursing home population – 65,000 – 1/2 of 1 percent
    Covid deaths total – about 10,000
    Covid deaths in nursing homes – 5,000

    Why are we contemplating shut downs of sports, bars, etc?

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      1. Correction – the pop of Illinois is 12.8 million. Sorry.
        But if we focused on the 65,000 we could potentially cut in half the number of COVID deaths in the state. The same goes for the nation. Why have Fauci and the rest of the experts decided to ignore the obvious fact? Think of the difference that could have been made. Potentially 100,000 lives could have been saved to date.


  6. 1/2 of 1% of the population (nursing homes) account for 50% of the Covid deaths in Illinois.
    Why is our attention focused on schools, sporting events and restaurants and businesses?

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