UPDATE: What do people boarding up know that you don’t?

Update from ISU campus:

Grounds crew at ISU have spent this entire week covering the river rock in the landscaping around campus with ground cloth and mulch to limit the number of easy projectiles on campus.

By: Diane Benjamin

The local Walmart stores are boarding up because of the election. The Town of Normal is doing the same without publicly saying so. I received this information last night:

FYI, the Town is currently implementing certain protocols in preparation for a potentially tumultuous Trump win next week. The police station will be the first building boarded up and I believe city hall will be as well. I think the Town is working with the building owner at One Uptown to have the elevator doors locked at the second floor so rioters can’t get in if they tried. The water department will also be on alert overnight all next week to make sure no one tries getting in there. Concrete barricades will be moved back in to close off streets as well. Admin has been coordinating with Uptown Partners to make sure businesses are prepared. 

Is the rest of the Town on their own?

Most of you are probably wondering what happened to America. We used to accept election results without question. If we lost we lost and moved on.

The results of the 2016 election were never accepted by the left. Everything possible has been done to create chaos for the Trump presidency. For those of you who don’t see that there is no reason to recap facts here. Many do know the truth and have realized the majority of the media lies.

The left has decided the citizens can’t be allowed to control who wins elections anymore. Progressives have been planning the destruction of country for over 100 years, it’s all about power. To that end they put together a plan for this election. Actually they have many plans, this one is just the most direct attack on us.

See the 22 page plan here: https://paxsims.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/preventing-a-disrupted-presidential-election-and-transition-8-3-20.pdf

Yes this document has been available on the internet for months.

See page 9-10. Everything they are thinking Trump will do they have done. The left always accuses their opponents of things they have done, like impeaching Trump because Joe Biden is the actual culprit. (comments will be deleted from those who believe the media lies)

The document is completely anti-Trump even though it claims to be bipartisan. The game plans are finally revealed starting on page 15. They have 4 possible scenarios for the election.

It’s difficult to believe there are people in America who sat around and dreamed this stuff up. They have plans regardless of who wins. Get to page 18. The Biden campaign will encourage parts of western state to succeed from the union. No surprise Obama is involved with making sure Republicans can NEVER control the Senate again because it will be packed with new Democrat Senators from new states. Fundamental Transformation.

Read the whole thing so you know what’s coming, then refuse to participate. Somebody has to keep their head while everyone around them is losing theirs.

Which party has refused to denounce the looting and violence already taking place? Which party controls the cities where it is taking place? Now you know where the coming chaos originated. Voted yet?

I’m told City Manager Pam Reece seems to be the most worried at the Town of Normal. There is a meeting Monday night, somebody should ask her why.

If you think all this is nuts, tell me why businesses are boarding up.

18 thoughts on “UPDATE: What do people boarding up know that you don’t?

      1. There are shops in Washington DC that are boarding up in anticipation of election night ‘protests of love and peace’. Unless there is a vibrant population of Trump supporters in the District of Columbia, who exactly are they protecting themselves from? .We know who.

        And they worry about whether or not WE will peacefully accept the results. It’s laughable

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  1. Would it change their plans if Biden wins? It could be just as bad. Once you have planned it is hard to stymie the people from celebrating, like a favorite team winning a championship destruction happens.


  2. People have spent decades trying to figure out how the National Socialists came to power in Germany and how an entire country went along with them. If you haven’t noticed you are living it firsthand here. Brainwashing and indoctrination is how. It took a lot longer here than Germany for a variety of reasons. Anyone who claims to know how this ends is delusional. But, it will go one way or another in the near future.

    Those who look for a return to “normal”, things blowing over, for today to be just like it always has been before cannot grasp the historical time we live in. Worldwide, not just in the US. Tomorrow is not going to be like yesterday ever again. Forget politics…..it’s much bigger than the left/right false paradigm hologram that has been used to divide us.

    Get your head on straight and forge ahead. Tomorrow can be a fantastic day but it’s going to take some soul searching, dedication, tough choices and hard work.

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  3. Bloomington-Normal will make the national news if they come to my house and play with fire and attempt a violent and tumultuous entry. The fastest reload, by the way, is a second gun. I’ll have three or four handy.

    Roses are Red
    My guns are blue
    I sleep well
    How ’bout you?

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  4. These riots should have been put down a long time ago. You don’t board up police stations you defend them. Someone is trying to destroy our country and it’s working.

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  5. Is normal going to sacrifice a fresh new batch of squad cars to keep from hurting somebody’s feelings again this time?

    If they are, maybe they should take all their stuff out all of their riot gear all of their long guns body armor and miscellaneous other stuff stolen out of those cars last time.


  6. WOW! Notice there was no scenario where Trump wins that not contested. What a completely one sided effort to further the narrative that Trump is an out of control megalomaniac not following the will of the people, while Biden and the Dems are the peace loving, rule following, victims, trying to save the rule of law, even if they have to riot to do so.. But that too would be Trump’s fault.

    Funny how ISU and Normal are preparing for the worst from students they’ve helped to radicalize and coddled. Why do I keep hearing Obama’s pastor talking about chickens coming home to roost?

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  7. Watch “The plot against the President” on Amazon Prime. The left is desperately trying to protect itself knowing full well that if Trump gets re-elected, there will be nothing stopping him from dropping the hammer on Coomey, Clapper, McCabe and the whole cabal…including Hillary, Joe and Barack. Hopefully, that happens and justice is served for the attempted coup on our government.

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