No longer hiding who they are:

(Does Lawler know the Democrats screwed Bernie twice because they know he isn’t electable?)

Typos immaterial as well as facts?

18 thoughts on “No longer hiding who they are:

  1. “Reclaiming” Ward 5? I didn’t know that wards could be claimed. Interesting that Mr. Lawler feels he and his supporters have a right to or desire to assert ownership over Ward #5. (Based on my read of the definition.) I guess that’s okay for socialists to do since they like taking other people’s property for their own. This is the future leadership of Bloomington right here folks. More SJW nonsense during Council meetings, higher taxes/fees, bigger government, and anti-business leadership.


  2. “Chillin with my homie”.. What WONDERFUL “english” these youngsters speak, but I imagine being dumb enough to stand out in the snow without a cap on, he WOULD be chillin. And he’s wants to represent US?? WOW!


  3. It seems there was indeed a typo…Patrick actually meant to say my “commie” Bernie Sanders not “homie”. This election will be fun to watch. Thank goodness I left BN. It’s about ten years away from becoming Detroit.

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  4. Two of my favorite life lessons:
    1. Almost anyone can get elected almost anywhere when almost nobody shows up to vote.
    2. Never underestimate your opponent’s ability to advance their point of view, no matter how ridiculous you think it is.


  5. ILLannoy population decreased by 79,000 people in 2019.
    The population of Bloomington, IL is aboult 76,000 people,,_Illinois
    So essentially in 2019, in just one year the entire city of Bloomington plus a few stragglers moved out!
    Clearly the demonrat controlled state legislature isn’t working.

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  6. It appears that the Normal Community school system is the heart of the communist “nest” here in town. Of course they always target children first.

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  7. Looks like some Generation X punk who thinks he’s the smartest guy in the crowd. In my day, some of the most average students and grifters found their way into education, mainly to get their summers off and hang around teenagers that they had more in common with than their actual peers. If this guy truly believes that socialism is the way to go I’m waiting for him to share shelter and meals with the homeless, help pay for their healthcare and donate his IMRF pension to the less fortunate.

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