Action NOW!

By: Diane Benjamin

FOUR bills are working their way through committee you NEED to Create A Witness slip for.

How to create a Witness slip: (it’s easy and fast)

  • For IDENTIFICATION, enter your name.
  • For REPRESENTATION you can enter “Self” unless you represent a group
  • For TESTIMONY, click on “Record of Appearance Only” and then “Create Slip”. Fill out the required CAPTCHA, agree to the terms, and then click on “Create Slip”.
  • Most often, people forget to agree to the terms, and wonder why their witness slip is stuck.
  • You will get a confirmation message that your slip was filed.

I oppose BOTH of these bills (opponent)

HB 347 is a House Bill that Creates a Data Registry for Immunizations

SB 5082 is a Senate Bill that also Creates a Registry for Immunizations:

I support both of these bills: (proponent)

HB 0827 Is a House bill that would ban partial birth abortion:

HB 0791 Is a House bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks:

When you are done, find the bill number on this list. Second column from the right will show you how many have filed slips for or against.

7 thoughts on “Action NOW!

  1. Completely agree. The abortion bills are self-evident.
    The “Data Registry for Immunizations” may ONLY make sense if they’re counting the number of people who are harmed/killed by the deliberately mislabeled “vaccine” (it’s gene modification therapy, a medical procedure — and totally experimental at that). But the CDC VAERS database is purportedly for reporting adverse events. So….
    The gene modification therapy does not prevent contraction or transmission of the so-called “virus.” This is according to the official literature put out by the drug manufacturers — so don’t bother squealing “misinformation” back at me. And the claim that it “may reduce severity of illness” is based on bogus PCR test results (80%-90% false positives) on 170 people (for Pfizer). One. Hundred. and Seventy. Trial. Participants.
    So you can assume that any “Data Registry” is governmental weaponization.

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  2. So you’re against immunization apparently. You’re also misrepresenting the science behind the Coronavirus vaccine.

    The mRNA technology used to develop the COVID-19 vaccines has been years in development to prepare for outbreaks of infectious viruses. Thus, the manufacturing process was ready very early in the pandemic. You cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccines created by Pfizer and Moderna do not have any virus or other infectious material in them. They are designed to cause your body to make copies of a harmless piece of the coronavirus.

    After injection, The antibodies can latch onto coronavirus spikes, mark the virus for destruction and prevent infection by blocking the spikes from attaching to other cells. An RNA vaccine contains RNA which, when introduced into a tissue, acts as messenger RNA (mRNA) to cause the cells to build the foreign protein and stimulate an adaptive immune response which teaches the body how to identify and destroy the corresponding pathogen or cancer cells. RNA vaccines often, but not always, use nucleoside-modified messenger RNA. The delivery of mRNA is achieved by a coformulation of the molecule into lipid nanoparticles which protect the RNA strands and help their absorption into the cells.
    Moderna vaccine has a 97 percent efficacy. Pfizer has a 97 percent efficacy.

    Of course you’re going to come back and say that supposedly 966 people died after Receiving the COVID vaccine. There are hundreds of reports of people having died after getting a COVID vaccine, but that does not necessarily mean the vaccine was the cause. It is false to say that COVID vaccines have caused 966 deaths, because the VAERS database is not designed to give this information. The CDC said on its adverse events page, updated March 1: “To date, VAERS has not detected patterns in cause of death that would indicate a safety problem with COVID-19 vaccines.” The vaccines are carefully tested. Continuous monitoring for problems and side effects. 60 million people have been vaccinated we need more to get vaccinated to get to herd immunity. Engaging in scare tactics that misrepresents the science in order to push an agenda is dangerous.


    1. Lol. Here’s one that works as a PHARMA REP. Sorry, you’re using a tired propaganda script. Every single thing I said in my post is true and can be found on either the CDC or pharma websites. You just count on people not using their critical thinking or common sense.

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    2. Even epidemiologists say there are not enough test cases or enough sampling to determine the safety of any of the vaccines. I’m not anti- vaccine but if you want to be honest, so many lies have been told about the number of actual deaths from COVID alone, to Fauci and his lies and half-truths, to the politization of the virus, and on and on. You can’t even trust the CDC and WHO to tell the truth and the libs have used corona to help them put their half-senile president in office. After all that, why would anyone with a lick of sense believe what anyone is telling you about the safety of an unproven vaccine? As someone said, “Uh, you first.”

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  3. Let’s see now. If there is any minuscule chance that covid can be related we’ll call it a covid case or perhaps even a covid death so that we can increase our numbers for reasoning sake of increasing our power and negating the freedom of choice promised to the deplorables. On the other hand however, this same system will be reversed in relation to side effects or causes of death when it comes to the covid vaccine. The presence of anything covid can only be noted when it serves the demonrat narrative.

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    1. The CDC came out with a report today declaring that 78 percent of those that they claim died from COVID and were hospitalized or had to be ventilated and eventually died were either grossly overweight or obese. Who wants to bet that a vast majority of COVID deaths were also caused by pre-existing conditions? Although serious, COVID has been so politically weaponized.

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