Happy Earth Day – I prefer facts

By: Diane Benjamin

The earth isn’t the warmest it has ever been:

Climate Change isn’t a crisis either:

Climate Change is only about the $$$$ – yours.






12 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day – I prefer facts

  1. Climate control is required by the new woke religion’s leader Joe Biden, who today declared that America will reduce its emissions by 50%.

    Another case of ideology and blind faith taking the lead in serious policy discussion.
    The massive consequences will take a back seat while the woke pat themselves on the back.

  2. Strange how it snowed on April 20 and we had a hard freeze April 21 just before Earth Day. I walked out of a store last night at 4:42 p.m. in Bloomington and there was a brief snow shower when it was 43 degrees! Global warming / climate change is mostly a hoax taught to the masses of students who have now grown up believing it all. Power and money are the end game with all of it.

  3. Yes climate change is real but it’s man made in the hands of the maniacs at the wheel through the use of chemtrails and HAARP! The little people filling up their SUV’s, burning fossil fuels for heat, etc. are but a small footprint compared to the factories spewing major toxins into the air and especilly the military at war. As always a scam with a narrative to blame the good people.

  4. I think IF they could talk, the dinosaurs would tell you for certain that the earth has been MUCH warmer! AS for the “new woke” people and all their “pie in the sky delusions” I’ll say this, since they want to FORCE everyone to EV vehicles, WHICH part of the sea floor are we going to destroy to get the poly-metallic nodules needed to make the batteries for those cars?? Maybe RIVIAN has that worked out also.
    Happy Earth Day! Just watch out for near earth objects. Thank goodness we reside in a “quiet” part of the universe, except for climate change folks and their ilk…

    1. It’s why governments have to eventually outlaw the combustion engine (which they are). When it is no longer allowed on the market you will be forced to drive grossly over-priced, undependable electric vehicles that will be prohibitively expensive to repair to say nothing of the expensive battery disposable. Buy Rivian, a subsidiary of Government Motors.

  5. A communist holiday to celebrate Vladimir Lenin’s birthday, created by a sociopath (Ira Einhorn) who hid the mummified body of his girlfriend in a closet. – Tucker Carlson

  6. All the money in the world will not buy a perfect climate.
    The alarmists cant even find a way to get people to properly dispose of their used face masks and gloves.
    Nature will do whatever nature wants to do, just like it has for almost 5 Billion years,

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