Look who is driving race based teaching locally

By: Diane Benjamin

Keep in mind while reading: Illinois got an “F” in teaching history and civics: https://blnnews.com/2021/07/03/the-enemy-within-is-the-public-schools/

All of the information below was received months ago from Unit 5 by FOIA.

What does this tell you?

Are teachers “historians” or teachers of history?

Should teachers be “activists” and teaching their students to mimic them?

This statement is included on the website referenced below:

The website is named Cult of Pedagogy.

In other words, the Cult of Teaching.

Should teachers be a Cult? Just the name explains why your kids are being indoctrinated instead of educated.

ISU and the McLean County Museum of History sponsored an event last February for teachers at all levels. The recap of the event posted by ISU says it was a two day virtual event attended by more than 200 teachers. On the second day over 300 attended, including some students. It also says this is the 13th year for the event.

See the recap here: https://news.illinoisstate.edu/2021/02/dr-gholdy-muhammad-redbird-educators-call-for-culturally-responsive-education-at-symposium/

This statement is included:

Flyer for the event: https://admin.learningstream.com/files/ACAE340A-9EA6-48D2-903E-27763F9DC438_44/56036/HistorySymposium2021Flyer.pdf

The email below was sent to teachers by ISU to promote this event. I have sent a FOIA to ISU for a list of who registered. Illinois now requires future teachers to be trained in Culturally Responsive Teaching. It has already filtered down to all educators regardless of age of the kids.

I filtered out a lot of information to keep this story from being a book. More links are included below. You need to educate yourself to save your children from far left ideology.

If you are ready to get your kids out of the public school indoctrination camps, I’ve heard good things about this resource: http://www.cahsa.info/?fbclid=IwAR3IjMpVSGg-56AqH2XdJHMnlmVBjbKb5OKBhFl7ZkDwNqHRO9SDWnaUGiA

Websites referenced in the attachments:


5 thoughts on “Look who is driving race based teaching locally

  1. Even though America has more “systematic” anti-discrimination amendments, acts and laws than any other country in the world (BY FAR – look it up) even these are apparently inherently bigoted.

    And what do our educators say is broken? America and white people.

    This blame game has not worked up to now, why are we doubling down on it?

  2. I find it ironic that liberals want children to “join the narrative and be agents of change.” Then once they become adults, liberal government types, like in Normal, ignore them and create public comment policies to suppress their voices and their ability to be a part of the “narrative” if it no longer align with the liberal agenda.

    Children are being used for the progressive’s political purpose then discarded when they are no longer useful.

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