Race based education is here!

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this story? https://blnnews.com/2021/07/08/look-who-is-driving-race-based-teaching-locally/

ISU held a history symposium last February. This statement was included on the website:

New Knowledge? Like the 1619 Project which is made up?

I FOIA’d ISU to find out who registered. They finally told me registrations were taken by the Regional Office of Education. Since they oversee public schools, can we agree there is no hope for the Public Schools? Schools are now indoctrination centers.

Below is the list I received from ROE, K-12th grade teachers could attend. If your kid’s teacher is on it, look out for woke fake history! The speaker claims her teaching brings joy. The District 87 kids who spoke about the 1619 Project had no joy. They hate their country. South Africa was the first to teach race matters, a civil war is now raging. If your media hasn’t mentioned it, you need new media.

Look at the “woke” list above. A race war here is the goal. They don’t have to use the words “critical race theory”, the race baiting is obvious.

3 thoughts on “Race based education is here!

  1. To think this unproven scholastic theory will help black children is a fallacy beyond belief. Show us the proof it works before you push it into our schools. Don’t use our kids as lab rats!

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  2. This is really disturbing. The criteria for success isn’t “are the kids learning the material”. No. It is “are the kids getting woke enough”.

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  3. Ask Karl Marx how pitting one class/group of people against another works. Get’s pretty messy very quickly.
    But his ghost still haunts us.

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