Illegal Pam Reece!

By: Diane Benjamin

It’s really sad when government thinks they have the right to force people to comply based on a façade of fear. Is Reece just trying to get more Pritzker money?

Want to know why Pritzker hasn’t allowed the legislature to make laws concerning COVID? He doesn’t want Illinois to find out the facts! He rules by fear instead of science, law, or common sense.

Attorney Tom Devore has been winning cases all over the State using the law. He argues that masks, testing, and mandatory vaccines are all forms of medical devices and quarantine. Government can not force you to use a medical device. Quarantine for more than 48 hours requires a court ruling after the local Health Department makes the case in court for quarantine.

Your kids are being masked in schools illegally, Devore has court rulings proving it. Getting fired from your job for not complying with testing/mandatory vaccinations is also illegal. Listening ISU?

Since the rules are not about science they are obviously about CONTROL. Unfortunately victims have to go to court to assert the freedoms they are entitled to under the law.

The latest tyrant to surface is Pam Reece. Evidently she not only demands compliance in violation of the law, her orders are only aimed at the Normal Fire Department. The saving grace should be they have a union lawyer. Kick whoever that is in the rear and tell him/her to stand up for your rights! Reece’s memo is addressed to all employees, the substance isn’t to all employees. If Town Attorney Brian Day wrote this, he needs to read the law. Government must allow due process, it can’t force people to comply by running a fear campaign. It also can’t discriminate against their employees of choice.

Lose the fear people before you lose all your rights!

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15 thoughts on “Illegal Pam Reece!

  1. all this is going to accomplish is people coming in to work with covid. the vax is harmful to the body…20,000+ deaths in this trial vax (im sorry but you are the experiment right now!). this scientist only allowed 50 deaths in his drug trials but yet the harmful vax is still being pushed? along with boosters? all for a variant that is extinct..hello people we are on variant #4…..alpha=1, bravo=2, charlie=3, delta=4…etc…wake up! the vax, if it doesnt kill you, only is to protect you against extreme illness. it doesnt stop “the spread” or stop you from getting it, but isnt that the definition of a vax? hmmmm. so its not truly a vax then, right? wake up people! this is all about money, compliance, division and attention diversion from the stolen election. not at first because this covid experiment started in the USA, the obama regime banned it in the usa, so Fauci circumvented the law and still used tax payer dollars to continue this in china, but it has became political. this is your freedom people, they are chipping away at it. wake up!


  2. Would like to hear your thoughts about the Military telling the troops to either be vaccinated within 90 days or face discharge! This was posted on newsletter last week.  Ron 

  3. As long as Reece does as Koos and the Council decrees (minus Nord) it matters not that her actions are or might be illegal. Who is calling the shots has always been more important than doing right by the citizenry. What someone else would lose their job over does not apply to certain people in BN. BN is the poster child for different rules for different people. Expecting it change is a fool’s errand. It has always been standard operating procedure there. Reece could break the law in perpetuity and she would never have to answer for it. Same with Koos or any supporting council member. It just the way it is and always will be.

      1. Because she knows they are okay with it (minus Stan) and she has carte blanche approval from them to do as she sees fit. No different than Peterson or Anderson.

  4. All Reece needs now is a “Tax the Rich” dress for the next members-only, clique event. Wine and bocce anyone? I know of a place. 😉

  5. I pray that the Normal firemen stay strong, keep their health intact, and tell this loser criminal tool to shove her evil mandate. Then let’s watch Pam’s masters turn the heat up under her for being the weak, ignorant and toothless coward she is until they squeeze her like a pimple. Her master Pritzker might even eat her.

  6. Funny thing about Pam and her King is that when all of this comes to a head, their overlords will abandon them as useful idiots and leave them to the people that they have so abused. Karma. Until then, DO NOT COMPLY!

  7. Reminds me of a story my late father USED to speak of about being on the front lines in WWII. There was a notice sent around about NOT drinking the milk from cows in Germany as SOME of them tested positive for TB!
    As my father would say “HELL!! We’re on the front line, getting shot at every minute by Germans TRYING to KILL us, and we’re supposed to worry about milk which MIGHT have TB??
    WHO dreamed up this dumb assed shit! (unquote and cleaned up)..

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