Normal tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Hey Normal:

Do you allow the Town of Normal to pick out your clothes? Pick your food? Pick your friends?

You are letting them decide your entertainment, these are all people they picked:

Normal does this to get people in Uptown. How many taxpayers never participate? They are forced to pay for it anyway. Worse, Normal cuts out free market entertainment. The Town owns the Theatre and the Discovery Museum, then they throw free events. They own you unless you head for Bloomington for entertainment. Of course Bloomington wants you downtown at venues they own.

It’s almost like local governments want to control what entertainment you are entitled to!

You gave them that authority?

Where does the authority to run your life stop? Ordering you to wear masks with no evidence they work?

Progressives are so much smarter than the serfs, at least they think they are. It’s really fun spending other people’s money and controlling allowed activities!

Limited government isn’t fun for the elites, that’s why it’s really hard to achieve. The local Deep State will kick and scream before allowing the public to run their own lives and spend their own money as they desire.

You can read the agenda for yourself. I can’t wait to see how many jabs are taken at Stan Nord tonight. Stan isn’t a progressive who wants to run your life. The Deep State really hates being exposed! How many times will Koos tell Stan he is out order? How many times will Kathleen Lorenz whine? How many Points of Order will Kevin McCarthy call?

Maybe we should make a game of Council meetings! I’d have to take a shot of water to participate, get your drink choice ready for the festivities. Might want popcorn too, this entertainment is really good comedy.







7 thoughts on “Normal tonight

  1. It would be interesting to know the net loss for a year’s worth of Uptown events. I did not realize all of the payouts to performers and vendors. I see this as government-run entertainment, NOT a community event. They are literally paying people to give the appearance that Uptown is a draw.

  2. And then, to give the appearance that he arrived in town for the purpose of performing free of charge at a charity event, Dan Hubbard will be paid by the taxpayers of Normal for this appearance in uppitytown. Koos takes care of his friend Alan Chapman, and the “swells” look all benevolent at the golf outing. That’s how they roll.

    1. Good catch. Boon and Hubbard a $1,000? The BN name game just keeps on giving. I truly feel sorry for anyone in that town that is good at anything and tries to negotiate their way to a productive life without the “right” connections. It’s near impossible. A person with their future ahead of them is insane for sticking around and trying to beat back the nepotism and the entrenched “who do you know?” established system of ladder climbing in BN. Should make anyone sick to their stomach.

  3. Roughly $122,000 just to make uptown look like some version of Madison Square Gardens. Just THINK what the roads might be like IF they spent that $122,000 there OR on drainage in CASE OF FLOOD?

  4. Doesn’t Dan Hubbard OWE The Town of Normal for not completing his contractual obligations regarding the ISSCS project?

  5. remember when peterson terminated the managers of the normal movie theater and discovery museum for no reason other than the city wanted to go a different direction, This type of management style continues to exist the only good news is that they cannot fire Stan Nord.

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