Normal: Why Your Roads Don’t get Fixed

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember the Financial Trends and Conditions Report? Chris Koos stated he always has it handy. Kathleen Lorenz has stated she can’t wait until it gets published every September.

Want to know why the roads never get fixed?

See PDF paged 30.

Last Fiscal Year Normal spent the same percent of the budget on roads

as they did culture and recreation!

You voted for these priorities?

4 thoughts on “Normal: Why Your Roads Don’t get Fixed

  1. That does not include the payouts to Pam’s hand-picked, the Hile-Broads bocce ball tourney, free rent for the ISU Art Gallery, funneling of money to the Art Station by calling it “Fire Training”, etc. Normal is fantastic at disguising payouts for Cultural Arts as something else. Al Capone would be proud!

  2. The green and blue slices are way too large, at 13.3% and 9.7%. Both are unnecessarily bloated. And, in order to give the appearance that they are allocating a lot to public safety that piece of the pie is large. Also, as the number of roadways increased over the years with development, the percentage in the roadway fund should have increased as well. It didn’t. They deceptively did not do that, so our roads are in a constant state of disrepair, with no possibility of catching up. Again that is purposeful so taxpayers never get what we ask for at election time. How many of those pie slices could have been combined under “Unnecessarily Bloated government?” Where are all the ridiculously large salaries included? Queen pam and king koos rather enjoy their grip on this fiefdom. Guess who the serfs are?

  3. Who has money for roads when those who scam off taxpayers need lots of it for the right social lives — and “love” lives. And protection money. Yes, it’s very expensive for those needing to compensate for being weak and immoral.

  4. Kathleen can’t wait until september for the financial reports? REALLY? What an exciting life she lives. And here I though watching mud puddles dry up was her gig. GET A LIFE KATHLEEN! Go apply at Walmart as a greeter or something USEFUL!

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