Want to know why your kids school doesn’t care what you think?

By: Diane Benjamin

One reason:


That link has a BUNCH of questions school districts MUST answer. You can access all the payouts Illinois forked over to schools in emergency relief funds from that link too. I pulled out McLean County. Here’s your homework: Start sending FOIA’s. Blind copy me please, [email protected]

Since lots of government units like to hide where to send a FOIA request, I found them for you. Even though the law REQUIRES a FOIA officer be listed many don’t comply. If I can’t easily find one, the email address is for the superintendent. Ask for documents!

District 87: [email protected]

Heyworth:  [email protected]

Leroy: [email protected]

Lexington: [email protected]

Unit 5: [email protected]

Olympia: [email protected]

Ridgeview: [email protected]

Tri Valley: [email protected]

Need to review how to file a FOIA? See this document the Edgar County Watchdogs put together:

8 thoughts on “Want to know why your kids school doesn’t care what you think?

  1. Skimming though Illinois’ Guide to Funding Amounts and Uses for ESSER funds, https://www.nea.org/sites/default/files/2021-06/Illinois%20Federal%20Emergency%20Aid%20for%20Public%20Education.pdf
    it is obvious that the Illinois Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standard was mixed into the soup. Just another crowbar to push CRT on our kids. Things that have nothing to do with protection from Covid real or invented.

    A couple of examples from the document –

    To provide professional development for all educators and school staff that supports individuals in identifying and addressing bias in themselves and in their communities and help school teams to replace exclusionary discipline practices with social and emotional supports best suited to address the impacts of COVID-19, including restorative justice approaches, social emotional learning, and positive behavioral intervention and supports.

    Data dashboards can also include data on systemic inequities that extend beyond student, teacher, and school-level data. For example, states, districts, and schools can collect, report, and use additional data on racial equity within the school system.
    US Department of Education Examples of Allowable Fund Uses

    To assess current processes for determining who has access to advanced courses in an effort to continually expand access, including through targeting resources to increase course offerings (including ensuring teachers received the professional development necessary to provide these courses) and providing universal screening to expand access.

    To use disaggregated student data to determine whether there are disparities in access to and success in key gatekeeper and advanced courses that contribute to a well-rounded education, use the data to eliminate unnecessary barriers to entry and success, .and implement active outreach to and support for historically underserved students

    1. Pretty sure Dr. Brooks is a fraud. His first sentence about Dr Mallone saying no one should take the vaccine under any circumstances is false. I watched 2 interviews of Dr. Mallone on Epoc TV and he never said that. He has taken the jab himself. He did say that children shouldn’t take it. He did say that boosters should not be pursued because they put the virus on a vector that ends in a super bug that can’t be stopped.

      I almost feel like this guy is a plant for the left to be a false example of ridiculous claims by the right. Meant to bolster the idea of censorship?

  2. LOL, Dr. Mallone took the jab and now you’re defending him because you’re “pretty sure” Dr. Brooks is a fraud. Why don’t you do some more research and find out more to back up your claim? If Mallone took the jab then he now at least has the DUMB SHIT virus.

    1. I’m not defending Dr. Malone. I’m saying the very first claim Brookes made was a bold faced lie. Given that I seriously doubt everything else he said.

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