More code changes, did anyone read what they proposed?

By: Diane Benjamin

The first thing to note in the 2nd pic below is the word Add. Next see PDF page 5 in the current code:—Misdemeanors?bidId=

The above looks pretty much the same as what is proposed to “Add”, just a different Section number:

Blank Cartridges is in both texts. In the latest case proving Town Code is immaterial, it was already illegal to use a starter gun for track meets, blanks for a 21 gun salute at military funerals, blanks for police training, blanks for Civil War Reenactments, and blanks for training hunting dogs, etc etc. All of the above need to start using real ammunition, right?

Of course it wasn’t enforced because the Town obviously didn’t know it was in the Code when they proposed ADDING it tonight.

The list of “Code” that is ignored is getting lengthy. It’s almost like the current crop of progressives makes up the law as they go!

Also proposed tonight:

That section is already in the current code too. It sure sounds like it bans pop-up fireworks stands in shopping center parking lots, they aren’t buildings. Party Poppers are really dangerous! Auto burglar alarms? Is that a firework?

The above is on PDF page 140 in tonight’s packet. It is on PDF page 5 of the Town Code link.

Who’s on First?

Staff is eating well though:

Children’s Discovery Museum Foundation:

Public Works:

“Professional Staff” needs changed to “Progressive Staff”.

7 thoughts on “More code changes, did anyone read what they proposed?

  1. The entire Town Council except for Stan Nord is a bunch of “Noisemakers!” Someone should booby trap Manager Reece’s chair. Ron 


  2. The “professional staff” want to ADD code that already exists? Seems odd. I doubt they knew that part was already in the code. More believable is this is a knee-jerk reaction to Alex Baldwin. Town staff need to get their heads out of FB and twitter while on our dime and focus on fixing our crappy roads and brown water!

    This is exactly why companies block access to social media.


  3. They should be called “Stealing Staff” – $1400 for pizza for crying out loud! At $35 a pop (you know the price was gouged..taxpayers are footing the bill) that’s 40 16in pizzas. Easily feed 120 people. How many people are there doing “snow”???

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  4. The majority of the town staff do not live in Normal. Pam Reece has written long-term exemptions for directors who the code requires to live in Normal to live elsewhere. The staff do not have the same “skin in the game” when it comes to the tax burden for their fiscal irresponsibility.

    Don’t like the above FACTS? Stop re-electing people who rubber-stamp and defend staff’s continual tax increase recommendations.

    Stan Nord


  5. This is exactly why all the picnic tables will continue to eat up on street parking. Town staff informed me that council and mayor don’t have to approve placing picnic tables on the street. Staff that don’t live in normal could give a care about businesses trying to survive without adequate on street parking in uptown. They say the majority of business owners like the picnic tables ok give me the names of all businesses that support it.


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