Normal goes “woke” tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

When someone believes being called the correct pronoun will make their life better, they have no other problems to solve. Their life has to be perfect except for those pesky pronouns. Fix those and everything will be perfect. (until they find other long established norms to be offended about)

Tonight Normal wants to update Codes: PDF page 114

Here’s a few examples of updates:


If you are offended by the term fireman, next be offended by the word manager, as in City Manager. Obviously Pam Reece should just be City Ager.

There is more! Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Normal goes “woke” tonight

  1. Instead of fixing the roads or rusty water Pam is wasting time “professional staff” on this crap.

    Town Manager should changed to Queen because that is how she acts, but that has gender, so Dictator would be the gender neutral and truthful title.

    I won’t forget how she drove around checking on who eating inside and ordered the police to shutdown Joe’s and Maggie Miley’s.

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      1. That was a written letter she sent Ron Ulmer when she saw him in his yard without a mask.

        Pam is drunk with power and the mayor and council support her.

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