Damery costs Normal taxpayers while working his second position

By: Diane Benjamin

The FOIA request I received from the Town of Normal is 417 pages long. So far I’ve only read 96 pages.

This is story #2 from the FOIA, I can’t believe anyone missed #1, but if you did read it first: https://blnnews.com/2022/01/21/want-to-see-what-a-scam-looks-like/

The latest revelation is National Fitness Challenge has a contract with the non-profit Doug Damery (head of Normal Parks and Rec) is Chairman of the Board of Directors of. For every court sold the Illinois Park and Rec Association makes money. The IPRA gets $2500 and the IPR Foundation gets another $2500.

This header proves Doug Damery is in this email chain:

Below is a summary of the new contract with National Fitness Challenge, the author is the paid executive at IPRA, Debbie Trueblood. Trent Matthias is a Director with National Fitness Challenge.

Obviously Damery was pushing NFC to the Town of Normal because the organization he is the Board Chair for benefits.

The worst part is this is how business is done in Illinois, nobody cares. Corruption rules!

I can’t wait to read the other 300 pages. I didn’t post the entire contract, the summary is easier to digest.








8 thoughts on “Damery costs Normal taxpayers while working his second position

  1. I’m sure Koos and company have already alerted their sock puppets at GLT and the Slantagraph to gin up a fluff piece to lightly touch yet ultimately ignore or deflect from the core findings. Then they can say “its old news,” a “nothing story,” or “something made up by Trump supports” when asked. Move along, nothing to see here. Ugh.

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  2. The Unelected Administrative State where our hard earned tax dollars go to people in unnecessary jobs, doing things we don’t need or want. Now we know why the budgets increase and the necessary things never get fixed.

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  3. How many town staff are on these outside boards and what % of their local taxpayer funded time is spent working on Normal’s issues v. their pet boards.

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