FOIA for National Fitness Champaign communication revealing!

By: Diane Benjamin

More than one citizen is questioning the integrity and ethics in the Town of Normal. Below is a letter from a citizen with the name illegally redacted. Writing an email to the Council is no different than Public Comment at a meeting. Normal redacted the name in violation of the FOIA law. Since States Attorney Don Knapp is tired of me asking him to enforce the law, contact him yourself. Laws are just suggestions in Normal.

In this note below, Pam Reece tells the Council that Cities 92.9 and “the county blogger” are the reason the Town is not going rescind the vote on 1/4/2022 to move forward with NFC. She left something out of this note, see the email below this one:

Gee Pam, it was WGLT who contacted NFC, not Cities 92.9 or the “blogger”. I serious doubt NFC was reading a blog in Illinois or listening to Cities 92.9. Nice try though! Facts matter, unless you are the Normal City Manager.

One more point: Remember this story where I posted proof the organization Doug Damery’s chaired profited from every NFC sale?

That email wasn’t included in the latest FOIA a citizen received. It was outside the time frame requested but it is a vital part of this story.

I’ve got a lot more from this FOIA. Stay tuned.








3 thoughts on “FOIA for National Fitness Champaign communication revealing!

  1. Excellent work Diane, as always.
    So #1.) Pam should berate WGLT. Will she dare?
    #2.) They need to stop claiming something is “free” when they are using hard earned tax payer dollars confiscated from citizens to fund their utopian dreams. Grants are tax payer dollars. They confiscated the money from us in the form of taxes. Nothing is free.

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  2. As I’ve seen this from the very beginning, if Damery and the Normal Parks and Rec department are not fraudulent, then they are certainly derelict in preforming their due diligence to the Normal Town Council regarding the not for profit status of the NFC. At its worse it’s both, but at best it’s one or the other. I don’t care how Pam Reece wants to spin it or who she wants to blame, it’s not a good look for her and her staff. How can Pam restore public trust in this department after this? Running down a certain blogger just doesn’t cut it. Not only is it blame shifting, it’s a total lack of responsibility for what happened

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