Meeting is cancelled! Update: Who needs replaced on the Unit 5 School Board?

Masks are no longer required at Unit 5. From an email sent today: The district is recommending masks be worn as an important COVID mitigation but effective immediately they are no longer required by students, employees, and visitors. 

I’m now waiting for discrimination charges from students by teachers who hate seeing faces.

Tonight’s meeting will prove who represents your kids and who isn’t capable of thinking for themselves.

If the Board refuses to make mask optional they are playing politics.

JCAR cancelled Pritzker’s illegal executive orders yesterday. Courts have ruled masking kids violates their rights to due process.

Meanwhile the District 87 School Board has proved worthless.

Do any School Board members realize who they represent?

It isn’t Administration who has failed for two years to educate your kids!

Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Meeting is cancelled! Update: Who needs replaced on the Unit 5 School Board?

  1. We just got this email – but MANY board members need to be replaced. This should never have gone on for 2 years!

    We would like to provide an update to our community about ongoing legal happenings related to schools in Illinois. You may have heard news reports about a vote late yesterday by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) to suspend the latest version of COVID-19 mitigations for public schools.

    As a result of that decision, Unit 5 is changing its current mitigation strategies. The district is recommending masks be worn as an important COVID mitigation but effective immediately they are no longer required by students, employees, and visitors.

    We understand this is a sudden change in how our schools have been operating. We were hoping to have a few days to implement any changes but JCAR’s decision accelerated the timeline. Schools in Illinois have not been given clear guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education or the Governor’s Office regarding how to transition from the decision, which has added to the confusion.

    Please know, the federal order that requires face masks on all public transportation including school buses is not a part of recent litigation and remains in effect until the CDC rescinds the order.

    Unit 5 will continue to offer other COVID mitigation strategies, including voluntary SHIELD testing. We have a supply of masks at each of our schools for those who wish to wear one. The district is very fortunate to have the Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization in all of our schools, as this is something hospitals use for enhanced air quality. An important strategy is having students and staff stay home if they are sick.

    As always, we expect all students, faculty and staff to be respectful of others’ decisions on masking at school.

    We were hoping to have more information from the state to share with parents but at the time of this email we have received nothing. We know there are a lot more questions. We don’t have those answers yet but will share additional information with parents as it is available.

    We are asking for the patience and cooperation of staff and parents as we navigate these changes.

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  2. Jeremy DeHaai on the Unit 5 School Board is the only member who should be re-elected. All the rest of them are leftist progressive marxist tools. They care more about the teachers unions and jbp than they do the children. They also need an attorney who understands the law. Curt is not it. They also need a new superintendent.

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  3. I know that some of my grand kids don’t want to stop wearing masks even though their parents don’t wear them.
    Why? Because they have been led to believe that if they do their teachers will die, their friends will die and they will likely die.

    Will the school boards move to free our children from this corrosive fear or will they move to perpetuate it?

    Will they teach them that unlawful government edicts supersede personal freedoms?
    Will they work hard (because it will be hard) to repair the damage that has been done to our kids?

    Will they make difficult decisions or hide behind political, union and questionable scientific narratives?

    Will they let our children breath or will they muzzle them?

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  4. If the board wants to save fave they should at a minimum fire the attorney who advised them to ignore the TRO. Since the board cares more about protecting leftist politics then representing the interests of kids I expect zero accountability.


  5. As to who needs replaced on the Unit 5 school board, will we ever find out? They all managed to dodge a vote on this important issue and I believe that is intentional. Without a vote they have shielded themselves not only of responsibility but public accountability. We have no local control over our school district. Everything is handed down from on high, including an order to go mask optional. Our school board members are just puppets on a string. Same could be said of our state legislators.


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