Seeing a pattern?

By: Diane Benjamin


The “professional staff” in the Town of Normal cancelled National Fitness Campaign after the Council voted to proceed. Your representatives passed it but are not allowed to un-pass it after learning the vote was under fraudulent circumstances. Staff decided all on their own.


Governor Pritzker issued illegal executive orders for 2 years in violation of the Illinois Constitution and court rulings, your elected officials were not allowed to express an opinion or vote on his illegal mandates.


Both Unit 5 and District 87 did not allow your elected School Board representatives to vote on removing the mask mandate. Unelected staff made the decision.

A large group of parents forced Unit 5 and District 87 with a lawsuit. The cost was minimal because it was spread over many people. Parents always had the power, they just needed to band together.

Obviously elected officials have failed to represent. The damage done to your kids with masks is going to take a long time to undo. Maybe a large mask burning party would start the healing!

Starting today, demand your elected representatives actually represent you instead of merely collecting a paycheck.







14 thoughts on “Seeing a pattern?

  1. Our so called “representatives” have become too spineless to say no to government administrators. Administrators have taken advantage of this fact to push their own political agendas.

    – School boards tell elected members that their role is to be in the “balcony” to watch the professional dancers (admin and teachers) but not tell them how to dance.
    – Town councils are told the “professional staff” know best and are not to be questioned.
    – IDPH convinces the governor to remove the legislative branch from nearly all Covid rules including financial ones.
    – The CDC and Fouchii convince the President to bypass congress for nearly all Covid rules including financial ones.

    Anyone speaking against the administrator’s narrative is ridiculed and bullied into submission.

    All these government bodies have shifted to operate as dictators instead of as a republic. This will continue until we elect a majority of new representatives who have the spine to say no and are willing to fire dictator administrators.

    These are all consequences of elections.

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  2. Well put Diane. Add to the spineless leaders who don’t even vote on these things, how many children yesterday still didn’t take their masks off. That’s their right to do so, but many want to and are afraid. This is a telltale sign of a government that is out of control. Our kids have no understanding of freedom because all they’ve seen is tyranny. They’re scared!

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  3. Concerning our damaged children –
    Shame on us if we just let our pandemic response go without an honest, in-depth review of the scientific, governmental, pharmaceutical, physiological and social aspects of the response. Definitive preventative steps and a clear plan of action must be developed for the next pandemic, which could be very soon given the facts we ignored and the falsehoods we perpetuated with this one. This one was bad enough but most people understand that we got lucky, relatively speaking.

    ALL factions must come together under a strong and trusted leadership. The leadership on all levels and both sides should not be allowed to participate in this work. They cannot fix what they broke. They broke it because they considered their self-interests above sound policy. They are not trusted by at least half of the citizenship so any conclusions they would come to would just expand the splintering of our society and the damage that will be done next time.


  4. Let me start by thanking you for your work Diane! We need more investigative journalism in the twin cities. Any clue what it would take to get that started? These boards etc have been operating in the dark unimpeded for so long that they have gotten sloppy and vulnerable.
    Anyway, I really enjoy and appreciate your non-fluff style and persistence.
    Thanks again,


  5. In today’s Pantagraph in the funeral pending column there is a 70 year old Mark Peterson of El Paso. Could that possibly be the former city manager of Normal?

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