Pritzker defeated

By: Diane Bernjamin

Don’t ever forget what Illinois’s own Justin Trudeau called attorney Tom DeVore:

Pritzker calls DeVore a ‘grifter,’ attorney helping parents sue 145 school districts over COVID mandates

All DeVore did is read the law and represent parents who wanted their children’s rights respected under the law.

Parents Won

Children Won

Tom DeVore won

Pritzker was defeated. The Appellate Court threw out his appeal of the Sangamon County ruling that called his edicts EVIL.

I hope Devore becomes filthy rich suing this dictator for defamation.

We have the power to defeat tyranny, it shouldn’t have taken 2 years to realize that.

13 thoughts on “Pritzker defeated

  1. I’d like to see this ruling embolden others victims who had their due process rights violated to file suit against their dictatorial city governments. Specifically restaurants and bars who were fined or harassed by local leftist run municipalities for not bowing to Pritzker’s illegal orders. I.e. Joe’s Pub, Cheeks, Garden of Paradise, Crawford’s, Maggie Miley’s, etc.

    Then I’d like to see elected boards fire administrators and attorneys who recommended their councils ignore due process laws and force Pritzker’s political ideology on anyone with opposing politics.

    Since the councils and boards are stacked with Pritzker worshipers, weak-kneed republicans and RINOs like Barnett, Preston, I don’t expect the public will see any accountability. If any of this was done by a Republican the no doubts the liberal would be demanding heads to fly You know just like they are doing to Trump and anyone who says anything positive about him.

    I am so sick of the one sided cancel culture!

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    1. Freedom is just a for sale sign away in your front yard. Sick of BN and Illinois? Do something about it. The hassles you may deal with for a month or so will be more than worth it once you move to a free state. There are plenty of jobs elsewhere outside of Illinois. Nothing changes in BN and Illinois. Once everyone unhappy there realizes it and does something about it, the better off you all will be.


  2. Now I hope Devore moves to take on Illinois’ race based teaching. Unit 5 especially has moved to a Critical Theory pedagogy that requires dumping equality.


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