What you haven’t heard about the Springfield House tossing Republicans over masks

By: Diane Benjamin

Start with this story: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/il-house-expels-9-members-from-chambers-over-masks/ar-AAU1B8Y

The House had been meeting for THREE DAYS before Democrat Lakesha Collins decided to make an issue of GOP members not wearing masks.

Anybody in the House drop dead in those THREE DAYS Democrats?

Jump to this story that lists the names of the Republican who were kicked out: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/9-republicans-ousted-from-illinois-house-for-not-wearing-masks-after-heated-debate/2763300/

Joe Sosnowski, Rockford 

Andrew Chesney, Freeport

Tony McCombie, Savanna

Blaine Wilhour, Beecher

Brad Halbrook, Shelbyville

Adam Niemerg, Dieterich

David Welter, Morris

David Friess, Red Bud

Chris Miller, Oakland.

Note the Republican names that are missing!

Quotes from the article:

“It’s time that we set an example that sanity — sanity is going to make a return here in the state of Illinois in Springfield,” the Beecher Republican said. “We lived under two years of tyrannical rule for one person, and now we want to kick people out of here because this body, this body that we’re in right now, has not been tough enough to do their job for the last two years.

“We haven’t been tough enough to stand up to a governor. We haven’t been tough enough to stand up to a bureaucracy that is completely out of control.”

After a short, heated debate, the House voted 66 to 39 largely along party lines to remove the non-compliant Republicans. Only one Democrat voted against the ouster of the maskless Republicans.

The story doesn’t say who the lone Democrat was!

I’d really like to know what Democrat was brave enough to vote against his party!

Republican David Welter later caved and came back with a mask on. He claimed he needed to represent his constituents.

Note: It took 3 days for Democrats to object to Republicans not wearing masks. Did it have anything to do with court rulings against Pritzker Democrats?

The actions by the majority of the Democrats prove they are anti-freedom of choice. If they believe a mask protects them they are free to wear one.

Obviously they don’t believe it since they expect everyone to kneel to tyranny instead of having the freedom to choose.

The court cases were about Due Process. Freedom demands a government that is not allowed to arbitrarily make decisions for you and force you to comply. Vote accordingly, the choice is quite clear.

Anybody think Scott Preston would have been with the 9?

6 thoughts on “What you haven’t heard about the Springfield House tossing Republicans over masks

  1. Tyranny, data theft, mandates, unjustified taxation/fees. Illinois leadership leads the way. It’s not “protecting or saving democracy” like the RINO money pool yell from the rafters. It’s systematic and procedural deceit and they all have their hands in “compliance”. Sickening watching it for years. Reality finally gets displayed 

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  2. Preston is a spineless wimp. If he were in Springfield, he would have been locked arm-in-arm and mask-to-mask with the Democrats then claim he was reaching across the isle. He avoids rocking the boat like the plague.

    He has never stood up to Koos or any of Pam Reece’s overreaching dictates. Notice Preston has been silence about rescinding the National Fitness Campaign that he voted for based on the lie Reece and Koos told him. As I said, Preston is spineless wimp who the Democrats would love to see elected.

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    1. The dems want Scott to get elected so bad that every democrat county board member and Josh Barnett are opposing him and supporting Chung


  3. I’m less worried about the 91st than I am the 105th. The Republican who wins the 105th state rep primary is GUARANTEED to become a state rep based on the map. Whoever wins the 91st primary will still have to duke it out in a gerrymandered battleground district with Sharon Chung who will probably get a million dollars from Chicago and Springfield. I like Dennis Tipsword who is a cop and a conservative for 105.


  4. Preston is Dan Brady Jr..Nothing more than someone to fill a chair in Springfield.

    Dan does not have a chance of being elected Secretary of State, but he is OK with that as he cashes his pension checks.

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