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By: Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to these two stories: and

Pam Reece didn’t answer Stan Nord’s question about the $2000 payment because she knew you would be violating the agreement she signed.

The settlement agreement wasn’t legal, taxpayer money can not be spent and hidden! Maybe that’s why Town attorney Brian Day didn’t sign it. I wonder if he even knew? Maybe Reece can answer that questions if somebody asks!

A few bills being paid tonight:

This is the cost for erecting fire hydrants along side Bloomington’s:

Koos threw his annual party you aren’t invited to and an expensive annual conference without saying what it is. IT staff evidently can’t video tape.





5 thoughts on “More on Normal tonight

  1. Just saw that the developers at Wintergreen have now pulled their proposal from the Council agenda. I had some ice cold beer in the fridge and was planning on a big bowl of popcorn to watch that one. Guess that show will have to wait.

      1. Easy enough to figure out why. Whenever politicians do something that seems confusing, just ask “What’s in it for them?”
        When other Normal residents had brown drinking water for 2-3 years and weren’t scheduled to get it fixed for Another 2-3 years, political opponents pointed to that as proof that the council doesn’t give a rat’s rumpus about the ordinary citizens/taxpayers/homeowners of Normal. So what happened? Poof! Suddenly the solution was fast-tracked so no new ‘Stan Nords’ would be likely to get elected.
        This is a less egregious affront, but it shows the council doesn’t even care about the better-off citizens/taxpayers/homeowners, who are more likely to vote.
        So the development has been tabled for now so that it cannot be used as an issue to undercut (re)election of the elites. If the ‘Normal Voters’ Rights’ referendum fails, the development may be back in November/December. In any case, I’d bet several car payments it will be voted in (‘in’, not ‘on’) no later than a month after town council elections in April.

  2. kingkoos, queen pam, bobbleheads kathy, chumperly, kevin, karen, and scott wouldn’t dare question anything. The money only belongs to the citizen taxpayers. What do they care?

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