Try again to abolish BEC

By: Diane Benjamin

Only slightly over 60% of registered voters in McLean County bothered to vote. (35,980 out of 59,448)

Evidently 40 year high inflation and Pritzker tax increases weren’t enough pain for the other 40%

I can’t tell you how many registered voters in Bloomington bothered to show up.

Not only did it take the Bloomington Election Commission over 2 hours to start posting results (LONG after the County),

the results are not available this morning:

This is the result when those running elections in Bloomington

face no consequences for screwing up their only job.

Voters can’t vote them out like they can the County Clerk. The County is forced by law to pay their bills but can’t oversee operations.

It is ridiculous to be forced to add votes from two websites to determine winners, especially when BEC shows incompetence.

Abolishing the Bloomington Election Commission needs to be back on the ballot. Keep in mind the League of Women Voters wanted an election commission to run all elections instead of giving citizens the opportunity to throw the bums out when they screw up. LWV prefers incompetence evidently.

The Unit 5 referendum lost in the County 52.27% to 47.73%. Part of Bloomington is in Unit 5 but I can’t tell you what the vote was there because BEC’s website doesn’t work.

Click 2022 Election Results – maybe eventually it will work:






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