Why hasn’t Normal produced it?

By: Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal’s year end was 4/30/2022. Shouldn’t all required reports be completed by now? It’s been over 7 months!

One report is still missing:

The missing report is for the Uptown TIF. It isn’t “missing” because Redevelopment is spelled wrong, it’s always been spelled wrong.

Illinois Comptroller – Town of Normal


The Normal taxpayers will be paying the bonds when the TIF expires, the income Uptown is generating is important. Reports on the other 4 TIFs are available.

Is Normal hiding the report because they don’t want you to know

how much money Unit 5 will receive when the TIF expires?

Because it’s millions?

Normal hasn’t produced a report for Uptown 1.0 but are surging ahead with Uptown 2.0 anyway.

Understand now why Koos and company are fighting so hard against electing the required offices? They don’t want oversight by elected officials they don’t control.

Normal should have just allowed the districts referendum. They could have avoided looking like clowns.





2 thoughts on “Why hasn’t Normal produced it?

  1. I was going to write to the city staff to ask for the information due in April but I am afraid someone on city staff will take my letter to the council and cry because I was intimidating them. Oh Well!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bobbywerk3:
      Agree with you – – but it could be that you might end up getting sliced up by someone with a criminal background and get arrested instead of the criminal – – See next story.


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