Who got signatures?

By: Diane Benjamin

The easiest way to tell who supports which candidates for local office is to look at who collected signatures for them.

You can see what each filed here: https://www.normalil.gov/114/Municipal-Elections

Kathleen Lorenz: Chris Koos, Kevin McCarthy, and Sonja Reece

Karyn Smith: Sonja Reece, Kevin MCarthy

Andy Byars: John McIntyre (Byars says he’s republican), Sonja Reece, Chris Koos, Julie Hile, Kevin McCarthy, Kathleen Lorenz, Bob Broad, Desi Anderson

Guess what?

None of the above circulated petitions for Stan Nord, Marc Tiritilli, and Karl Sila.

All three had citizens helping collect signatures.

4 thoughts on “Who got signatures?

  1. No surprises here. Anyone whose is surprised just doesn’t understand how local politics works. It’s an exclusive well connected club. Member sell their souls to belong if they even have one and taxpayers are stuck footing the bill. Try standing up to them and all powers of government will be unleashed against you, often times illegally. A very insulated group.

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    1. Many elected representatives are treated poorly and withheld information by city/county/state staff because they just don’t like them. Shows how shallow admin staff are and how little these parasites actually care about citizens. Time for the tail to stop wagging the dog.

      It is way past time for elected officials to stop putting up with this. They need to grow a spine and start issuing pink slips as needed. These staff positions are cush well paid and benefited jobs.

      Both D and R as well as non -partisan are guilty of this. They so want to be loved by a largely incompetent (sometimes evil) and self-serving ‘professional staff they forget who they are accountable to.

      Many more qualified citizens would gladly trade jobs with them for less money.

      Citizens and taxpayers are not getting the service or accountability they deserve by staff that see themselves as minor lords and princesses just in it for the inflated paycheck.

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