Fly on the Wall: Pam Reece

Does the Normal Town Council know they are Reece’s boss? Does Reece know she works for them?

Does Reece know she can’t dictate the speech of Trustees? Does Reece know she can’t bar your representatives from representing?

Is Reece preventing NPD from investigating electioneering? Is she barring release of findings? Will the results be buried until after the election?

Reece wants you to vote for Lorenz, Smith and Byars. 10 minute meetings were glorious. Easy tax increases without actual representatives was also glorious.

Had enough? Vote for the other three. Maybe Reece will resign since she hates her authority being questioned. That would be glorious!

4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Pam Reece

  1. Some of the employees are looking to retire early or lease Normal. They are tired of being dictated to do things by Pam Reece then be humiliated in the press for going against the residents.

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  2. Doesn’t anyone still in BN get this garbage never changes? BN population is made up of basically lazy and entitled people that never had alot of ambition. Pam married into the local political power structure that enabled her and continues to enable her to boss people around that likely prepped for their lives more than she did, although that’s not saying much. The structure never changes because it’s not suppose to change.

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