Property Tax Surprise coming!

By: Diane Benjamin

Get ready for your PTAX-228 Notice of Assessment Change.

Sit down before you open it!

Thanks to the housing shortage prices have been rising fast. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t selling your house – this notice will reflect the prices of other houses that sold for inflated prices.

I hear you could see an assessed value increase of 10% or more! Send the Town of Normal and Rivian thank you cards.

Here’s where it gets fun. Unit 5 voters were conned into approving a tax increase so your bills are already going up.

More fund: Every level of government tells the County how much they need from property taxes. They will claim they don’t set the tax rate but they know what it will be because it’s easy to back into.

Some will claim they are reducing taxes. They aren’t – the pool of money is bigger so they can afford to let the rate decrease to fool you.

Others will claim they are keeping the rate the same. They won’t tell you they are collecting much more with that same rate because to total pot got bigger.

Bottom line: You will pay more because your property is worth more. Government never refuses more money, you will be paying it. Don’t fall for: We Dropped the Rate. They know exactly what they are doing.

The yellow letters will start going out next week. Note column 3 on the letter. The State of Illinois, that raised exemptions for Cook County while doing nothing for downstate, assigned a multiplier. You will see a lot of the increase there.

Doesn’t apply to Illinois.

8 thoughts on “Property Tax Surprise coming!

  1. Don’t forget the airport tax that will be added to rural McLean county properties next year. Thank you rep.dave koeller.

  2. Makes me glad I live in a different county now. (I used to live in Hudson.) Not that anywhere else in Illinois is much better, mind you. But I don’t want to pay for an airport I’ll never use and never see any benefit from. Good luck with that, because I’ve never seen two towns so stuck up their own asses. Sheesh.

  3. I am considering selling. I talked to a buyer that has been wanting the property. Now we are talking an agreement where I can stay for 2 years giving me time to find someplace else to move to.

    I saw a condo at the building at the corner of Mercer and Oakland listed a couple of weeks ago for $124,900. Someone I know who lives in that building told me the buyers got into a bidding war and it went for over $137,000. A ranch style house on Mercer I saw a for sale sign one day and it was gone the next day. There was a house listed in McLean I believe for $115,000 and it went for about $130,000 or more. The seller couldn’t believe it.

    Last year I got a letter the property was assessed higher. I suppose another one is coming again plus the added airport tax.

    I’m going to be one of those high income earners that bails on this state. Some relatives have moved to TN. I also keep watching listings in GA and S.C.

    1. I understand and agree with your sentiment. Do not consider Georgia. It is no better than Illinois. Kemp is no better than pritzker. Having followed what they are doing to rural land and rural towns in order to build a Rivian plant, is absolutely disgraceful.

      1. Really…the Rivian reference again? Seems like no one ever misses the chance to take shots, but placing Brian Kemp and Georgia in the same condition as Jelly Bean Pricksker and Illinois is really a stretch.

        1. But it’s so easy because Scaringe is such a self- promoting clown that constantly lies his arse off and Normal such a Rivian schill that has no idea how much they have been taken for a ride.

  4. Remember when we voted NO on the Unit 5 Property Tax Increase?? And instead of abiding by our vote, Unit 5 blatantly lied to everyone and said their taxes would go down & put it up for another vote?? And remember when we tried to tell everyone that our property taxes would never go down and that Unit 5 was being dishonest & deceptive?? And remember when those voices were vilified, ridiculed, and silenced so Unit 5 could continue lying?? Never Forget!!

  5. The assessors refuse to provide verification on how assessment was calculated and what comparable sans data are used

    The BOR process asks two for the taxpayer to provide comparable-and pay for assessment

    A short day tirne around for submission to board of review seems unrealistic if you can’t get answers

    Just cause it’s legal – does not make the process or system right for property tax payers

    System and process deceptive

    Curious if others have had luck dealing with disputes and getting real answers

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