It’s confirmed: Laws Don’t Matter!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Laws most likely broken by the Town of Normal Council don’t matter because prosecutions need a prosecutor.  The citizens of Normal don’t have one!

In case you forgot the facts, see this story:


The Town held a Secret meeting (Executive Session) on August 11th at 9:30 in the morning.

The meeting lasted until 1:00.  A payment was made to Lyle Sumek labeled “Planning Session” for $5,345.82.  A FOIA request confirmed he was at this meeting.

The entire purpose of the Open Meetings Act is to ensure government is transparent.  Citizens have a right to know what they are doing.  They have no right to hold a secret planning session for 3 1/2 hours.

The first Council result of this “planning session” was a motion, a second, and a vote in 18 SECONDS to offer early buy outs to employees.  Obviously the reason is also a secret since there was no discussion.

The Attorney General refuses to investigate because they claim they didn’t receive my email requesting it.  Even sending them a copy didn’t help.

Jason Chamber’s State’s Attorneys Office refuses to look at the evidence because they claim the don’t do investigations.

So I contacted the State Police.  They are forbidden by law from investigating Open Meeting act Violations.

Today I went to the Sheriff’s Office.  They refused to take a complaint.  Sgt. Jody May told me they would not investigate an Open Meetings Act violation.

Mayor Chris Koos is free to violate the law!

Congrats Normal, laws don’t apply to government because nobody will prosecute.  This is all you need to know about why Illinois is corrupt.  Flagrant violations have no penalties.

All that leaves is court.  How much is it worth to know what they “planned” behind closed doors?


11 thoughts on “It’s confirmed: Laws Don’t Matter!

  1. All these law officials are not allowed to investigate City Council violations, what’s to stop the council and King Koos from escalating their illegal law breaking: Robbery ? They are doing that. Murder? Who knows what the royal court will be allowed to get away with. What the hell good is it to have law officials if the pick and choose what laws to investigate? Seems law officials are going via the way of the DODO , no longer relevant in today’s ILLINOIS


  2. Wasn’t there this big fiasco several years back, in some Communist Country, where the People’s Army murdered some people for protesting in some SQUARE. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people were killed. Maybe the “army” isn’t really set up to protect the people, but rather the government, no matter how corrupt. Which is why the 2nd amendment is kind of a big deal.


  3. Koos doesn’t want to acknowledge that his government-planned community is crumbling financially. So, they meet in secret to figure out a gameplan then convene the Town Council and speed through the early buyouts so as not to draw any interest or attention. It’s likely the beginning of a series of cuts that Koos & Co. don’t want citizens to know of ahead of time or look into. Leads me to believe that they already have lined up several other levers to pull…with the help of Lyle of course. This quote from Peterson on WGLT was telling… “This is one step that we’re taking,” Normal City Manager Mark Peterson said. “There will be more as we go into the budget preparation process for next year. But this is one step we’re taking to kind of try and tighten our belt and reign in expenses to address this revenue issue.” The results of the buyouts will determine the next round of cuts. I love how WGLT and Koos blame Metro Zone, which of course Normal always assumed would be there. You know what an assumption makes, right Koos? Of course, they don’t mention the astronomical debt from Uppity Town or the numerous pet projects of Koos & Company.


  4. Lord, you tried every agency in Illinois. Just for the fun of it, why don’t you call a US Attorney at the DOJ and ask them what to do when a group of sitting socialist city councilman and mayors routinely refuse to comply with the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act, and all levels of law enforcement in the state refuse to investigate or prosecute? I’d also throw in there that they are also riling up the masses to pass an ordinance at what is nothing more than a Sacntuary City designation. Put them on the DOJ target list.


  5. Their lawbreaking is certainly infuriating. It’s so blatant. But, there’s a part of me that’s stunned they care about the $100,000,000 debt. Since when does that bother them. Everytime Marc Tiritilli brought that up they put their spin on it and tried to pretend it wasn’t actually debt. Anyway, Communist Koos and his fellow communists like debt. In order the “collapse the system,” debt is essential. That’s why they always act like money is no object, and raise every fee and tax they can. Ditto Bloomington. So why now do they care about debt?


  6. This is news to you? Unless there were Russian lawyers in the meeting, no one will investigate this.

    Angela S, all the 2nd Amendment will guarantee is you won’t die under a hail of missiles without a gun. Unless you have precision laser guided missiles, tanks and fighter jets, any uprising from the citizenry would require a foreign country to intervene for any hope of victory. Kinda weird having Iran, Cuba, and North Korea having to save innocent people.


    1. Uprising from the citizens? Lol, the 2nd Amendment is there to provide them their God given right of self defense from whoever may threaten their life, including an out of control government. We don’t need no foreigners for that.


  7. Stinky, if Tiannamen Square happened here, an armed citizenry wouldn’t have a chance against a militarized police and technologically superior military. Don’t kid yourself. Maybe in 1776 you could make the argument that the citizens would stand a chance. However, the citizens do not own fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, missiles, etc in today’s world. That is not even counting the people who would side with the government or the foreign allies that would lend support to our government. If the reaction to the Bundy’s is any clue, any armed resistance wouldn’t last long.


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