Media is destroying democracy! (Rauner)

By:  Diane Benjamin

We aren’t a democracy, but I might as well use the language of the left.  It fits.

It’s bad enough the Pantagraph refuses to do investigative reporting, but now the media is threatening to throw an election for MONEY.

Cities 92.9 knows Bruce Rauner is lying in his endlessly running commercial claiming Jeanne Ives is a Madigan plant.  I’m sure every media running the Rauner ads know the truth.

Money over Country.

When the media is corrupted by money we get Illinois.

Some people willing to tell the truth:

John Kass – Chicago Tribune

State Journal Register – Better Government Association

Neither of these are hard news stories because the media refuses to attack their cash cow.

If Rauner wins the primary it will be because he lied with his billions of dollars and the media suckers happily stuffed it in their pockets.

Media is now promoting corruption.

After the primary they will proclaim they didn’t know, but all the facts will be revealed.  Bruce Rauner will be known as the biggest liar in Illinois.

Get ready for a Democrat Governor who IS in Madigan’s pocket – courtesy of the media.

Since the media doesn’t care about truth, it’s our job to spread it ourselves.

Can any media be trusted?




8 thoughts on “Media is destroying democracy! (Rauner)

  1. Some days, a lot of days, I feel like we are fighting a losing battle. It’s discouraging. I do not have grandchildren yet, but I do wonder how this time in Illinois or in America will be portrayed in history books. It is so very sad.


  2. By FCC laws stations have to run politicians ads unedited. First thing taught in broadcasting classes….so you have no point of contention there. In Indiana years ago a political ad was run with pictures of aborted fetuses and nothing could be done.
    Now on the lack of investigative journalism…you got them in spades. I have lived in quite a few cities and can say without hesitation the Peoria/Bloomington area has the worst media by far. No searching for the truth, totally biased reporting interns reading the news on 19 and 31….(they claim otherwise but guess what). Please don’t fall to their level….report factually….while not a Rauner fan his net worth is not billions of dollars…it is millions. Now JB Pritzker who has all his ideas that will cost taxpayers dearly….now there is billions.,


  3. Let’s not loose hope. I believe Jeanne Ives is going to win this campaign and I’m going to work my butt off to see to it that she does. Rauner has lost his base and runs lock step with the old guard Republicans in Illinois who continually run loosing campaigns with their own money (Jim Oberweise, Mark Kirk, Bill Brady, Judy Bar Topinka, etc.). Jeanne Ives represents the future for Illinois Republicans. She’s a fresh face with ideas and courage to lead. I’m out on the campaign trail and nobody likes Rauner. We’re going to win. Vote March 20 and prove me right. Nobody’s running to the polls for Rauner, but I plan to be there 6 am sharp for Jeanne Ives on March 20.

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