Campaign Signs on Public Property?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Campaign signs are illegal to display on Public Property.

signs pp

Isn’t this Public Property?

Guess who owns the property connected to this Public Property!  Page down . . . . .

public property

The Mayor of Normal!

il law signs

Of course the signs are for his three chosen candidates:  Shields, McBride, and Lorenz.

12 thoughts on “Campaign Signs on Public Property?

  1. Can I go and remove the signs from the berm (city property) as part of my civic duty to pick up trash?

    Koos is a Marxist criminal. Remember that when you are bike shopping.


  2. Pull the sign up and lay it flat on the ground, you are not stealing it, and no one will see it. An old trick of political guerrilla warfare and you have sort of kept someone from breaking the law.
    Please fellow citizens remember, that in politics when you throw out an insult, you are not only demeaning yourself,
    you are demeaning your cause. Civility must play a role in good politics.

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  3. The width of the public property from the street varies; usually it’s 10 feet but not always – the usual rule of thumb is anything past the sidewalk is allowed. If you know for certain the signs pictured above are prohibited, then I’m more than fine with harassing ‘our fearless leader’, but my first inclination is that the signs are okay even if I don’t like them.

    I foresee the above new law being challenged and overturned- the 1st Amendment is intended to especially protect political speech and campaign signs are clearly political speech. Any given restriction included above is questionable; taken as a whole, the clear intent of the law is to significantly restrict political speech.


  4. Did you see the Nord for Normal sign in the back of a pick up truck parked in the parking lot across the street from Koos’ bike shop? The future site of Normal 2.0?


  5. Just an FYI, I agree with you here that’s it’s a bit strange to have this sign out in front of the Mayors place. But Nord has a sign located on town ROW at the corner of Raab and Main St. It’s near the gas station and looks very much on ROW. Lord knows I’m a fan of Nords, but we need to be careful if we’re going to go after the “on ROW” concerns.


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